Steve Jobs once said, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” So in light of the celebration of our love for one another in the month of February, I challenge you to take it a bit further. Let’s also use this time to consider loving what we do!  After all, our job is where we spend much of our lives so why not make it the best experience we possibly can?  Take a look at the tactics below that can help you get on the right track toward loving what you do.

Ways to Figure It Out

  • Ask yourself – Do I love what I do right now? It seems like a common sense concept, but many of us get caught up in our daily lives that we don’t take even a moment to reflect on this. It may need to be prompted initially to get the ideas flowing, but it’s the perfect starting point.
  • Make a list – What things do you like to do?  This doesn’t just have to be about what you like to do as far as work.  It actually should include activities, hobbies, interests, etc. that you truly enjoy spending time on in whatever aspect of your life that may be.
  • Explore new things – What could I try doing? If you’re not sure what direction to take for embarking on the career you would truly love, start trying new things that interest you.  It may take some time and energy to explore all your possible interests, but, in the end, it will be worth it.  So go on, test some things out and see how they feel. You might even end up surprising yourself!

How to Do It

  • Bingo! – You’ve found something you’re really interested in, you enjoy putting energy into doing it and you’re eager to do it again and again… You’ve found the interest and the passion that would go behind the work. This is where you start!
  • Make a list (again) – Compare and contrast your skills to your interest and everything that can go along with working in the field of that interest.  Where do the two concepts align? Where do they not match up so well?  This will help narrow down the focus of your interest and what you can do with it for work.
  • Adding value – Once you find out what aspect of your interest you would be able to do well at each day, think of how it can add value to others’ lives.  This may seem daunting, but guess what… there are many people out there similar to you!  There is a niche market out there for many interests and once you find yours, you can charge for the value you are providing to others. Exciting!

Why It’s Important

  • You’ll do good work – If you’re interested in and passionate about what you do for work, you won’t settle for anything less than great work.  And that also makes for happy, satisfied customers.
  • You’ll be happier – Imagine a world in which you were glad to go to work every single day.  This is how you do it!  If you’re loving what you do each and every day, how could you be anything but happy?
  • You’ll feel proud – Building something on your own, providing great products and/or services, and bringing smiles to peoples’ faces because of it – what’s not to be proud of?  You’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment every day and that feeling will keep you going day in and day out.
  • YOLO – Not to sound too hipster here, but it’s true.  We have our one time on this Earth; one chance to make the most of it that we can. You Only Live Once. Why not go for it?

Take it all in. Let it simmer.  Did it strike any chords with you?  If it did, figuring out what you would love to do for your career and making it happen may just be in your near future.