How do you make your creative spirit come alive time after time? Fascinating places, people and things have the power to spark our creativity when we really need some inspiration. Being imaginative and curious about life allows for better results in our work. We begin to consciously make ourselves more accessible to learning opportunities because we appreciate the benefits of open-mindedness. If you’re in a “creative rut” and in need of some serious inspiration to get your creative juices flowing, you will find relief in knowing it doesn’t take a mathematician to write out a formula for getting your mojo back (thank goodness!). Read on for five awesome ways to awaken your creativity.

Go for a stroll

The great outdoors is unmatched when it comes to health and creativity. When you take time away from your office to go for a nice walk outside, your body naturally responds to nature. The exercise causes your bloodstream to receive endorphins, making you feel better than you did when you left your office. Your mind turns into a sponge, ready to soak up new inspiration, resulting in more creativity. Listen to the sounds, look at the sights, and smell the fresh air – these are some of the best ways to help you come up with a new idea or solve a problem and they come at no cost!

Take a solo trip

Yes, we mean plan a trip for “me, myself, and I.” When you travel alone, everything you decide to see and do is at your discretion and it allows you to think on your own. It is best to travel somewhere outside of your comfort zone, or else you’ll do all of the things you normally do and forget about trying new activities. You may find yourself strolling a neighborhood because it looks so darn interesting or walking into a restaurant just off of the aroma of the food. Learn to be by yourself and use your own special powers to garner creativity.

Plan a vision board party

Who doesn’t love food, drinks, magazines and goal setting? It is super inspiring to be in a room full of friends who are happily planning out their lives and sharing those aspirations. It’s good to hear your circle share what they are seeking to accomplish, from entrepreneurship to family planning, thus motivating you to go harder at knocking out your own. Plan a follow-up to the vision party three-six months later to see where your friends are with their goals and encourage them to keep going.

Connect with interesting people

Think of the uber intriguing people who you admire. Doesn’t it seem like they’re always dropping gems? Their lifestyles promote unconventional creativity, which is very contagious and much needed to get that innovativeness flowing. To make the most of your time together, share the areas in which you are experiencing a roadblock in creativity and start to talk through your challenges. Their insight, strategy and expertise will help open your mind to new possibilities and help get you over that hurdle.

Keep record of your ideas

Write down your ideas as soon as they pop into your head. A great way to save your ideas is to get a notebook that’s easy to carry around everywhere you go. As the ideas come to mind, more ideas start flowing and it becomes a habit to get them on paper for future use. Writing down your thoughts and ideas clears the mind to move on to other ideas, and you never worry about forgetting them.

We hope our tips help you get more creative and productive in your work. Let us know your favorite tactics to boost creativity!