Social media is such a prominent part of today’s society that it seems almost impossible to think of life before it. Yet credits Six Degrees as the first recognizable social media site, created in 1997. Of course social media sites have grown monumentally since then, but still many business owners and their businesses predate social media.

If social media wasn’t around when you started your business, you might think you could go on without it. Or maybe it was around, but you prefer to stick to other ways of engaging with your audience. Whatever your reason may be for avoiding using social media for your business, we’re telling you it might be time to rethink that decision and ask yourself:

Does my business need social media?

Yes, yes it does! It’s no longer a nice-to-have. If you’re serious about your business and reaching people, you need to have a solid social media presence. You may not need to be present on all social media sites, but most people are online nowadays so having your business online to reach those people is a key factor in growing today.  

But why?

People look to social media to gauge the credibility of a brand. If you have up-to-date social media accounts with eye-catching graphics and high reviews, people are going to view your business as one that has its act together. (Which we all want, right?) It’s a cost that you should learn to expect because social media isn’t going anywhere.

What if I don’t know how or don’t have the time?

This is where one of our talented virtual assistants would come in handy. A social media virtual assistant can give you a deeper understanding of how it all works and its benefits as it relates to increasing conversion rates, brand loyalty, SEO rankings, and customer feedback.

Social media is not the only thing a virtual assistant can help you with. Our talented Virtual Assistants offer an extensive variety of skill sets and resources for all phases of your business.

Interested in having a virtual assistant help with your social media or other aspects of your business? Email us here!