As an entrepreneur, you want nothing more than to make sure your business is being steered in the right direction. The path your business takes will determine its failure or success–and of course, we all want success. But how do you know which is the right direction or the correct path for your business? Well, in order to know what direction to go in, you need to first know where you want to end up.

This is where goal-setting comes into play.

Setting goals for your business is incredibly important. It provides a clear path to follow and the motivation to reach a predetermined destination. Without goals, your business is just operating instead of achieving. Goals give employees a reason and a purpose to work hard because they know they are working toward something. Check out these tips on getting started with setting goals for your business:

Make them specific and measurable. Take time to think about what your goals are before you set them in stone. They need to be detailed so that you know exactly what you are working toward. They also need to be something measurable so you can actually know when and how you’ve reached them. Don’t just throw out a simple goal like, “we want to grow.” Push yourself to clarify, grow in what way, and how much? Use specific numbers (e.g., “grow by 1,000 customers”) and details (e.g., “increase revenue 10% every month over the next 6 months”) so you can actually measure and know when you’ve hit your mark..

Stick to it. You can set goals, but if you don’t stick to them, then they’re worthless. It’s important to continue to be motivated toward reaching your goals and to not allow yourself to get stuck in the day-to-day. Revisit your goals often with your employees and re-evaluate the work you are doing to ensure it is still on the correct path. You can even hold goal check-ins to talk to those you work with about how their work is contributing to achieving a certain goal for your company.

Create deadlines. This is a big one. If you just have a bunch of goals floating around with no real deadlines, they will be ignored and put on the back burner every single time. You need to have deadlines so that you and employees understand that they are real, achievable goals that need to be completed. Large company goals are too easy to ignore if they don’t have deadlines and aren’t frequently revisited.

Reward yourself when you reach your goals. Otherwise, what’s the point? You set out to do something and you did it. Now enjoy it! Rewarding yourself and employees makes the work worthwhile and provides the reinforcement needed that things are, indeed, being accomplished. If you make your team members feel good about accomplishing something, they are more likely to want to accomplish even more!

Follow these tips when it comes to goal setting for your business and you’ll be on your way to becoming a goal-accomplishing machine!  It is very true what they say – you can do anything you set your mind to.  Your business is capable of achieving more than you think. You just have to set the right goals to get you there.

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