Creating content for social media platforms can be an incredibly demanding task. Having to constantly update accounts with meaningful posts that your audience will engage with isn’t quick and easy work. If you post too much of the same, your audience will get bored and leave. If you post too much content that lacks a common theme/voice, your audience will get confused and leave. If you flood people’s timelines or inboxes with multiple posts on a daily basis, your audience will… well, you get the point. It’s important to find the right balance between what you post and how often.

Coming up with different posts for each day might seem daunting or nearly impossible, especially if you’re doing your company’s social media in addition to another role. Having a strategy will be key, and it’s going to require some time, thought, and testing. In order to help you plan for future social media content, we’ve put together six content ideas that have proven popular amongst online audiences. Take these and incorporate them into your future posting strategy to help ease the pain of coming up with content ideas!

  1. Lists
    Putting your content into a list format (like this blog post!) can really help your audience digest it. Attention spans have shortened so large, bulky paragraphs of content will lose people. Find a way to put your content into a list so people can quickly take in the information. Use headings to help people skim through and focus on what interests them. You can then tease the list on social media by sharing only one piece of it.

  2. Seasonal Subjects
    Is there something going on this specific time of year that you can relate your content to? Do it! If you can tie your content to something that people already have on their mind, it’s that much easier for them to hop on and engage with it. Since St. Patrick’s is coming up, think about having content tied around the theme of the Irish. You can check out this National Day Calendar to see what fun holidays are coming up that you could use for ideas to create related content.

  3. Industry Trending Topics
    Research the different resources that share information pertaining to your industry. If there is something causing buzz that’s related to what you do, you definitely want to utilize that and use it to draw people to your pages. Make it part of your content strategy to stay on top of industry news so you can be ahead of the rest with your posts.  Try using Google alerts for a specific product, name, or subject so that you get a notification when something of interest pops up online!

    Good quotes are timeless and people on social media love them. They often motivate people or make people think. Find quotes that work for what you do and occasionally post to see how your audience will respond.

  5. Branded Graphics
    We’re clearly living in a visual world, so we recommend creating branded graphics for your posts. Highly visual images that include your brand will resonate far more with people than only words will. Create a bunch of these ahead of time so you have a nice arsenal of general branded images to post – and then you can create them for specific pieces of content to really draw people in.

  6. Recurring Post Themes
    If there’s a certain type of content you have that could be recurring each week, we recommend creating a theme surrounding it. We’ve all seen the themed hashtag “Throwback Thursday” and this is around those same lines. Create something that works for your business and think of it as a way to train your audience. People will get used to seeing that type of content on a specific day, and they will begin to look for it. It’s a great way to get people hooked on something and keep them coming back!

We know – constantly churning out content for social media can be a full-time gig. If you find yourself without the time or expertise to keep your online presence updated and engaged, we can help with that! VaVa Virtual Assistants offers a variety of social media and content creation services. Contact us and we’ll get your online content strategy moving in the right direction.