One of the challenges facing companies during the digital age is the constant creation of online blog content. It can be difficult enough for some to get blog content out on the regular, but providing content that people actually want to read is a whole different ball game. Without the regular posting of good, relevant content, you will lose viewers as well as your rank in search engines.

Good content provides your customers with added value in addition to whatever product or service your company offers. If they know that they can visit your website for great content, they’re more likely to return and stay in your customer base. If your company’s blog isn’t getting the traction you want, perhaps it’s time to take a look at the type and quality of your content. To help you out, we’ve put together a few tips on getting your content process organized so you can create content that will keep people coming back to your website:

Name a content manager.
Appoint someone who will take charge of your company’s content. The content manager should be on top of online trends and know what your customers want. While this person doesn’t actually have to create every piece of content, this person will ultimately be responsible for coming up with the content plan and carrying it out.

Plan and produce ahead.
In order to create meaningful content that people will want to read, you can’t just create it on the fly. You need to plan ahead and have a nice arsenal of good, evergreen content produced that you can use at any time. This will save you on weeks when you’re busy and need to get new content up. A good way to start is by getting some of your content creators together to brainstorm topics and start writing on the ones that are worthy. Once you have a good stash of content, create a content calendar so you can look ahead at what’s to come.  

Create an editor system.
A great way to make sure you’re putting out digestible content is to have multiple eyes look at it. Typos and improper grammar look unprofessional and can turn customers off from returning, which is why you should have someone copy edit. In addition to copy editing, you want others to read it and make sure it makes sense and provides real value. After you read the content, what do you walk away with? What will your customers gain from it? Make sure you can answer these questions before you publish.

You want your content to get out to as many places as possible, so coming up with a system to give it a signal boost can help a lot with viewership. You can have your colleagues help you amplify your content by sharing it on their social media or with related industry groups. Find the hashtags that relate to your content and tag your social media with them. The more people you reach, the more people who will read.

If you just don’t have the capacity to create good content regularly, we are here to help. Contact us and let’s talk about how we can get more people to your website with a solid content process!