“I just wanted to check in and let you both know how thrilled I am with the whole VaVa Virtual experience. I was afraid to change things up and trust in people I didn’t know and couldn’t see but I’m beyond happy with the results. I only wish I had done it years ago.”

This is a first-hand testimonial from one of our clients, and it’s one we hear about most. Clients wish they had invested in a Virtual Assistant (VA) years ago because it saves them so much time and money, and allows them to establish a healthier work-life balance. We couldn’t agree more! As you and your VA get settled into a working rhythm, you’ll find just how worthwhile the investment is.

Just take a look at a typical day in the life of someone who uses a virtual assistant.

  • Client gets up and has breakfast. Client checks email to find a recap of her schedule for the day + any updates from her VA.
    1. Four meetings have been confirmed (9:00am, 11:00am, 12:30pm, 1:15pm)
    2. Dentist appointment scheduled
    3. Invoices to vendors sent
    4. A meeting from last week that was canceled has been confirmed/rescheduled
    5. Dinner reservations have been made with her husband + Uber scheduled pickup

The client clearly has a packed day, but doesn’t have to carry the mental load of it because she knows if something comes up she can get help from her VA.

  • Next, the client drives to her first appointment and takes notes. Then, using the app CamScanner, she scans and emails the notes to the VA from her phone to have her type them up. Her VA gets to work within the hour and sends back the notes by end-of-day.

Having someone to take care of the tasks like typing and organizing notes allows the client to focus on her passion and moving her business forward.

  • Throughout the day, the client doesn’t have to worry about managing her email because her VA will do it for her every day. When it comes to managing the day-to-day emails, for the most part they can be answered with pre-determined internal systems and canned responses. If the VA has any questions, they will be sent to the client in the daily recap.

It’s worth noting that she also doesn’t have to worry about all of those emails she never got to before having a VA, because the first thing her VA did was clean up her inbox – taking it from 20,000 emails all the way to 0!

  • Later in the day when more meeting requests come in, the VA coordinates with those people so the client has no concern about anything being missed. Calendar invites have been sent out to everyone with the locations and/or phone numbers. Initially, the client let her VA know what places she prefers for lunch in areas of the city, so the VA doesn’t need to ask every time. Systems have been the saving grace to this relationship!

Because her VA handles all of the coordination, the client is able to finish up her meetings and then pick up her kids at school – something she wasn’t able to do before having a VA.

  • It’s now the end of the day and the VA sends the daily recap and any other notes to her client. The VA will note what was completed that day and what will be the focus of the following day. If the client has any changes or notes on what needs to be priority, the VA will happily take them and make the necessary adjustments.

Are you ready to have a day like this? How about every day like this? Days where you can clear your busy mind and truly focus on what is most important. VaVa Virtual Assistants wants you to get your life back. Contact us to learn more about getting yourself a VA.