In today’s business landscape, branding is more important than ever. A company’s brand is its identity and what consumers/clients think of when they hear a company’s name. Is your company’s brand making a positive, memorable impression on others? Ensuring your brand and your identity align is crucial for consistency. The design and messaging of a brand are key indicators of who you are. If you want to truly resonate with your audience, your business needs to completely embody your brand in every way.

If your brand and identity aren’t aligned with one another at any point of owning your business, it may be time for a rebrand. But how can you know for sure? We’ve put together ten questions to ask yourself to help you decide if your company could benefit from a fresh, new look.  If you can’t confidently answer answer these identities of your brand, perhaps it’s time to change things up.

  1. What problem are you attempting to solve?
  2. Has there been a change in the competitive landscape that is impacting you in some way?
  3. Has your customer profile changed?
  4. Does your brand tell the wrong (or outdated) story?
  5. Why should anyone care about your brand?
  6. Is your brand associated with something that is no longer meaningful?
  7. Are you leading or following with your brand direction?
  8. Will this solution withstand in the future?
  9. If you were starting your business today, would this be the brand solution you would come up with?
  10. How’s your design and messaging? Does it look outdated?

Rebranding your business takes time, strategy and of course… money. It’s definitely something you want to take the time to think about before diving in and making changes. How you execute a rebrand can ultimately decide if your audience stays with you or drops off. Needless to say, it’s incredibly important and no small job! Luckily, VaVa Virtual Assistants is here to help you with all aspects of your rebrand. Shoot us an email today to get started.