Virtual assisting is the latest evolution in how we work in the 21st Century. It’s effective, saves time, provides better work-life balance, and keeps busy professionals focused on what they enjoy doing best. Have you had the pleasure of experiencing the latest and greatest business trends or worked with a fabulously talented Virtual Assistant (VA)?

The demand for online-based working continues to grow as businesses desire more talent options and productivity in less time, while reducing overhead costs. If you’re not on the fast moving “VA train” just yet, we may have an idea why: you’re still trying to figure this whole virtual assistant thing out! We totally understand those of you stalling at the ticket counter, that’s why we’re debunking four myths about working with a virtual assistant that will help you understand their magic powers.

MYTH # 1: VAs are always available to work around the clock.

It is very common for virtual assistants to work long and odd hours to meet demand, but not all do because each VA’s availability varies. Effective virtual teams consistently work together to stay in a productive groove by managing expectations, hours of availability, and communication preferences. While one VA may work 8am-4pm, three days a week, over video chat and emails, another may work 6pm-10pm, five days a week, via text and phone calls. Keep in mind that virtual doesn’t mean “superhuman” while putting in the hard work and rolling out successful projects, VAs need work-life balance too!

MYTH #2: Communication is limited with a VA.

Thank goodness for technology! It allows us to communicate in a variety of ways, all of which are user-friendly and convenient. There’s email, text, video chat, and the telephone (yes, we still enjoy using an actual phone) that makes our working relationships a breeze. VAs work to create a trustworthy partnership where you are in sync with each other. This means emails are responded to in a timely manner, work is stellar and completed on time, and regular check-ins are happening. Every person you encounter has a communication preference, so find out what it is for the people on your virtual team and come to an agreement on what is going to work for your group.

MYTH #3: VAs come in a one-size-fits-all package.

This VA shirt does not fit all. I repeat: this VA shirt does not fit all. To the delight of clients looking for the best of the best, VAs are excelling more and more at what they do because their goal is not to be everything for everyone. Instead, they focus on their expertise and master their sweet spots. Whether it is designing stunning websites, writing must-read blogs, or coordinating travel arrangements, you’ll want someone who is passionate about their unique craft because it will reflect in their work.

MYTH #4: Working as a VA is a piece of cake (and anyone can do it!).

Let us be the first to tell you that virtually assisting any thriving entrepreneur takes more than just a computer, Wi-Fi, and a charming voice. It requires true grit to juggle multiple clients and priorities, all the while depending on self-motivation to power through the day. A chic office with stunning scenery is nice, but commitment, drive, accountability, and effective communication make up the core of a successful VA. One has to have an entrepreneurial spirit to work alongside entrepreneurs and small business owners to understand their vision and goals – after all, iron sharpens iron.

Myths debunked? Check. Feeling ready to dump the myths and upgrade your business with an awesome virtual success partner? Check. We’re ready to get you started today. What are you waiting for?