The holidays are a time to celebrate with the ones you love, enjoying the festivities of the season. Yet, for the entrepreneur, the holidays are a busy time of year with social and business commitments fighting for prominence. This can range from deadlines, a shorter working month, hosting end-of-year parties, and planning for the upcoming year. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the holiday season, then a virtual assistant could be the solution. Here are 5 ways a virtual assistant can help you.

Create & mail holiday cards
Holiday cards are a fun custom, but they can take lot of time to create and send on your own. A virtual assistant can free up time for you by creating mockups for you to review with your brand. Once you select your favorite design, your VA can order them for you. Built-in software like Shutterfly allows your VA to address and mail the cards, too!

Plan an end-of-year office party
Show your employees you appreciate them by throwing a holiday party they’ll never forget. Do you think you’ve left the office party planning too late? Never fear! A VA will have the resources to help you plan a party in no time. All you have to do is send them location, guest count and budget, and they will organize and facilitate the logistics so that you and your employees can celebrate the holidays in style.

Prepare for the New Year
As a busy business owner, your time is best spent focused on planning for the year ahead. With looming tasks building up, it’s hard to spend time on big picture business needs. A VA can take care of an array of tasks, such as sending out an e-blast about what is happening in your business in the new year. Hand off those tasks to a VA and give yourself the time your business deserves.

Gift ordering for employees
Are you stuck in a rut with not knowing what to get for your employees? Thankfully, there are plenty of resources online for finding the perfect gift.  Your VA can help find a thoughtful gift for everyone on your list. Just give them a little information about each person and they can comparison shop to find unique and thoughtful gifts.

Manage business while you’re on holidays
With the holidays approaching, you may be planning to take some time off from business matters and wrap up any loose ends. However, you are aware that your customers and clients may not all be taking time off. Social media accounts need to be managed and emails need to be answered. Hiring a VA will help to keep your business flowing nicely over the holidays. You can rest assured that your growing business is being taken care of by experts and most importantly, your clients will be happy!

Enjoy this holiday season with the ones you love by hiring a VA to help you with your business over the holidays. Leave the stress behind and call in assistance with the holiday cards, party planning and gift ordering. If you’re ready to leave the details in hands of experts over the holidays, set up a consultation today. We’re here to help.