There are probably areas in your life and in your work where you procrastinate, self-sabotage, or worry to the point of mental paralysis. You may not even realize that you have bad work habits or that your productivity is suffering. With the holidays in full swing and the end of the year closing in, it’s time to get re-energized. Here are some helpful practices that will reinvigorate your motivation and help you make the new year your most profitable yet!

Make Daily Lists

Even if it’s short, a list helps you to make your day more productive by prioritizing what needs to be done and what can be put off. This way, you maximize your time and energy without feeling burned out or panicked. There’s also something wonderfully satisfying about seeing your items checked off one by one.

Set Daily Goals

Just like making a short list, setting daily goals helps you to stay on track. If you’re working on a large project with a team of other people, setting daily goals provides direction and motivation for each person. People that set goals are more productive and focused, allowing for a higher level and better quality of output.


As people are bombarded with more everyday stressors, like a cellphone that never stops buzzing with new messages or longer commute times, it’s no wonder meditation is becoming a more mainstream topic. Meditating, even for a mere five minutes a day, has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, reduce age-related memory loss, and promote healthier, more restful sleep.


Just like meditation is good for your mind, take care of your body too. Exercise not only helps you to lose weight or feel more energetic, it decreases your risk of cardiovascular diseases, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and arthritis. It also helps keep your mind healthy to ward off depression and anxiety.

Limit Screen Time

We are constantly stimulated by text messaging, Instagram, Facebook, online shopping, apps, music, and the list goes on. What the most productive leaders and entrepreneurs know is that the more screen time you engage in, the less productive and creative you are. When you procrastinate by scrolling through social media, you rob yourself of valuable time and an important sense of community with friends and coworkers. If you take a break to check personal messages or watch YouTube videos, set a timer. Give yourself five minutes to decompress but don’t get sucked into a black hole.

Progress Over Perfection

If everyone waited to be perfect, or for the perfect circumstances, before they took action, nothing would ever get done. Even if you feel unprepared or inexperienced, start anyway. A tiny step each day is still progress towards achieving your goal.

Feed Your Brain

Successful people are committed to learning whether it’s for their own personal development or to help their business be more successful. Spend 15 minutes every day indulging in some mind food. Try to learn something new every single day. You never know when something you’ve learned will spark a new idea and help you in the workplace.

Don’t Regret Your Mistakes

You’ll never be able to do every single thing perfectly. Mistakes will be made at some point. Be accountable and take responsibility for your mistakes, especially if it affects your coworkers, but don’t beat yourself up over it. Think of it as a learning experience. You’ve only failed if you give up completely. Focus on what you learned and how you can grow from it.

Focus On Results

Successful people care more about great end results rather than how someone got them. They’re more open minded about changing things, especially if it’s more efficient and cost effect. Ask yourself if you’re doing things in the most efficient way possible to maximize your productivity. If you come up with a better way to do things, share it with your supervisors. All great leaders love creative, forward-thinking minds.

Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

Successful people recognize that someone else’s success doesn’t take away from their own. They don’t have time to worry about what someone else is doing because they’re so focused on their own gigantic goals and aspirations. A great practice for a positive mindset is to think about all the wonderful attributes someone has that you strive to have. You’ll be shocked at how energized you feel when you can turn any negative into a positive.

If you want to be successful, don’t overload yourself. Maximize your time and energy by being more mindful at the moment. Taking more on doesn’t mean increasing productivity or accomplishing more.