Happy Birthday

We’re celebrating 8 years!

Eight years ago, VaVa began with two ambitious Midwestern girls and a couple of laptops at a Panera Bread in North Hollywood, CA. Our vision then was simple: to provide affordable back-office support for overwhelmed small businesses and entrepreneurs. We had a big idea that we never dreamed would turn out this successful.


Eight years later, we’ve grown into a multiple 6-figure business and our mission remains the same: helping small businesses and entrepreneurs keep doing what they love in business and delegating the rest.


In the last eight years, we’ve learned a lot both in business and in life. So to celebrate our 8th birthday, we’re sharing eight of the most valuable lessons we’ve learned and how you can apply them in your business and life!



  • Dream big and take action. When we started, we set our goals, made a plan, and took action. It’s a simple but powerful strategy: be clear on your goals, break down the steps, and make a plan. Then take action. 




  • Leverage your time. Nobody does it alone. Dividing our roles within the company and outsourcing the rest was a game-changer for us. It helped us cut down on redundant tasks and scale our business a lot faster. In fact, when we did this, we doubled our revenue from one year to the next! 




  • It takes a village. We started out as a two-woman show, doing it all ourselves. Then we added a “jack-of-all trades” assistant. Now we have a great leadership team and a dynamic team of Virtual Assistants that run the gamut with specific skill-sets and multiple talents. This has made a huge difference not only for the business but for our client experience.




  • Fill a need, and do it well. We saw a need in the market, then provided a valuable service. The results speak for themselves! So know who you serve, know what they need, and provide big-time value. 




  • Lead by example. We spend every day focusing on our passion: embodying VaVa’s culture and values. We believe in commitment to our team, communication, owning your results, finding innovative solutions, and creating wins for our clients. We live by these values, and we inspire our team members to do the same. 




  • Make time for fun. Nobody lives by work alone! Fun helps you let go of stress, raise morale, and improve productivity. At VaVa, we host virtual hangouts, virtual pizza parties, and much more. We also recognize team birthdays and milestones each week. We even host “IRL” get-togethers for local team members. So be sure that you’re not only getting it done but also having fun. 




  • Believe in yourself. Even when the road was rough, we’ve always believed in our mission, our clients, and ourselves. This has been the ultimate driving force behind our success. We also love bringing this positivity out into our local communities and hosting gatherings for local entrepreneurs. Surrounding ourselves with like-minded people keeps us motivated and inspired, and takes self-belief to the next level! 




  • Look to the future, but live in the moment. In business, you’re always looking toward the next big goal. Remember it’s just as important to be here NOW. Pursue your goals, but take every day in stride. Recognize all of your wins. Look up from the computer once in a while. And simply remember to breathe. 



These are a few of the lessons we’ve learned over the last eight years, and we hope you’ve learned something from them, too! Here’s to our amazing team, our fantastic clients, and to everyone who has been a part of the VaVa journey. Cheers to the next eight years (and beyond)!