Running a business is a lot of hard work. Your schedule is probably so jam-packed that you’re not even sure what time zone you’re in half the time. At VaVa Virtual Assistants, we’re in the business of helping you run your business efficiently and stress-free.virtual assistant on laptop

Speaking of which, there may be nothing more stressful than planning a trip and traveling amidst a full calendar; “I need to move that meeting to Thursday. What time is my flight on Tuesday? I need to pick up my dry cleaning by 5 to pack it!” Whether you’re driving from LA to San Diego for a meeting or you have a five-day conference in Albany, every detail matters. A virtual assistant can plan your itinerary for you, saving you time, money, and sanity. You don’t have to do it all alone, we can help ease your travel/business woes. Here’s how:

Save Time:

Searching the web for the best hotel at the cheapest price is time consuming. Searching the low-fare calendar on Southwest for the cheapest flight is time consuming. Figuring out if it makes more sense to rent a car or just Uber everywhere is time consuming.

Save yourself hours of time by having your VA do all of this for you. Once they find the best deals and the most convenient travel plans, they can show you options to choose from. Or, leave it all in their capable hands and have them choose and book your trip for you, down to the last detail.

Skip the Nitty Gritty:

Doesn’t it always seem like you get an email to check in for your flight right when you’re in the middle of something? Then, by the time you remember, it’s already too late- you’re in the last boarding group. Reading credit card numbers over the phone, putting down hotel deposits, online check-ins, and scheduling TSA pre-checks are also time-consuming tasks. They may seem small, but neglecting stuff like this can make a big impact on how your day of travel will go.

Your VA can do all of this for you, ensuring that all you need to do is show up and enjoy a zero-hassle travel experience.

Go the Distance:

Travelling abroad can be a little more difficult to organize. There may be rules and regulations you need to follow when traveling to or doing business in another country. There may be recommended immunizations you need to get before you can travel or specific cultural customs you should learn beforehand.

Your VA can help you fill out documents for work visas or permits, renew your passport, or purchase travelers insurance. They can hire car services, guides, or translators. Besides business related travel tasks, they can also book travel for leisure; making arrangements for the best activities and dining experiences.

You only have so many hours in the day. Have your virtual assistant take care of the minor details so you have more time and energy to make the big decisions in your business.


Traveling, even with a virtual assistant looking out for you 24/7, is not without the occasional problem. Your VA will provide you with a list of emergency numbers and consulate addresses so you’re never abandoned in an emergency. Whether you left your passport at the hotel, you’re late to the airport, or you missed your connecting flight, your VA can iron out any issues for you and will always have a plan b in place for “just in case” moments.

Stick to Your Budget:

Traveling for business can be expensive, especially if you do it often. There’s the cost of hotel stays, airline tickets, meals, rental cars or chauffeur services, and sometimes additional costs like laundry services.

Your virtual assistant can track your travel budget, apply your frequent flier miles or loyalty points, and even snag discounts on perks like seat upgrades. They’ll ensure all the travel necessitates work within the budget.

Stay on Track:

VaVa Virtual Assistants are highly experienced connoisseurs at planning itineraries, scheduling and booking, and making arrangements in case of Plan B.  They’ll completely plan your trip, provide reminders, reschedule or cancel reservations in case of a change, and schedule your meetings. The only thing you need to do is pack and show up…and even then, they can hire someone to help you do that!

In addition to being expert travel planners, they’ll have your back while you’re gone, providing your business with support and keeping things running smoothly at the office. They’ll alert you to anything urgent, keep track of your receipts for reimbursement during your trip, and send “thank you” gifts to your hosts, all while staying on top of their normal daily tasks.

Save yourself hours of searching on Kayak and Priceline for the best deals. You’re far too busy to worry about it. A VaVa Virtual Assistant can provide travel management solutions that take the anxiety and hassle out of business trips.