Whether it’s an educational conference with speakers for 100 people or a business lunch for six, planning an event can be complicated- that’s why there are people that do it full-time! There’s a lot to keep track of and coordinate; dates, venues, and diet restrictions to name a few. Virtual assistants can be great support systems for anyone trying to plan an event, and even for those professional full-time event planners. We do the dirty work so you can sit back and enjoy your event, and you can take all the credit! 

Schedule and Calendar 

If you’re already working with a VaVa Virtual Assistant, then you know how they save you hours of time per week with basic email management, office organization, and general administrative tasks. However, they’re also a great support for your business when there are special events or unforeseen circumstances that have the potential to create calendar chaos. VAs can help you do everything from throwing a party to hire a guest speaker by managing your calendar, scheduling appointments like tastings or venue tours, and making travel arrangements for you or your guests.


Making calls and getting estimates for things like venue reservations, table, and chair rentals, and catering can be time consuming, but a VA can easily take this off your plate. They can shop for different options, price compare online, and order samples. They can also take over tasks such as surveying your guests to find out if anyone has any dietary restrictions or need special accommodation.


When it comes to planning an event, you’ll likely be working within the parameters of a budget. Your VA may already take care of some of your business’s bookkeeping duties. They will ensure that you’ll get the best prices for all your needs and that you won’t go over budget. They can also manage payments from attendees, send invoices and ensure payment has been received, and pay any remaining invoices to event service providers.


Your VA can take charge of ensuring that invitations, whether emailed or mailed, are proofread, polished, accurate, and sent on time. They’ll keep track of the RSVPs, if applicable, so they can make sure that there’s enough catering, gift bags, and the right place card at each seat.

Social Media

Event promotion is an essential element of event planning, of course. There’s no better or faster way to spread the word about your event than on your company’s Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook. Your virtual assistant can help you create a buzz about your business by making posts to advertise your event beforehand, and share photos and highlights during and after the event. This makes people feel like they’re there and included, or that they want to be there next time!

Follow Up

After the event, your virtual assistant can organize a questionnaire for attendees to gather feedback. They can record notes or type up a short report for your business records, or write a quick press release about the success of the event for different media and news outlets or investors.

Support for Event Coordinators 

If you’re a full-time event planner/coordinator, a virtual assistant can help take some tasks and research off your plate, allowing you to spend more one-on-one time with your clients and focus on the things that only you can do for them. They can do many tasks remotely, like ordering flowers online, so you can handle the fine details on-site, like arranging bouquets on tables. They can also help you stay sane when you’re planning multiple events at one time by managing your schedule, calendar, email, and social media accounts.

Planning a business event is an involved, time-consuming process that includes everything from booking venues to choosing menus to creating and sending invites. It can be difficult to balance these various tasks efficiently, especially if you have to continue your usual day-to-day responsibilities as well. Our VaVa Virtual Assistants can help you with all aspects from research and organization to communication and sales, ensuring your event goes off without a hitch.