Are you new to working virtually? Are you curious to know how people that work virtually stay on task each day?  Our team of virtually-based experts at VaVa Virtual Assistants gathered their top tips on how they stay on track to get their work done each day.  working on laptop

Here are 5 tips to help you stay organized: 

  1. Have a dedicated workspace free of distractions. With our attention spans constantly being challenged throughout the day, it’s important to minimize distractions as much as possible. Anything from a loud TV, kids playing, dogs barking, laundry noise, etc. can cause you to lose focus on your work and make it harder to get tasks done. Having a quiet dedicated workspace separate from other parts of your home is essential to staying on track.

  2. Have a clear understanding of tasks and priorities. Getting all the information you need up front is important for getting work done in a timely manner with minimal interference. Open communication with your clients is key, allowing you to ask all the questions you need to completely understand each task before you begin.  In addition, prioritizing each task is a great way to ensure anything urgent is completed first.
  3. Make lists of your tasks for the day and mark your top 3 priorities. Once you know your tasks, due dates, and the level of importance of each one, you can create a daily to-do list. Start each day with what you need to complete that day or by a pressing deadline. Then, finish the list off with items that need to get done, but could wait until the next day. As you complete tasks, make sure you check them off your list.  It’s a great visual way to feel accomplished and motivated to keep getting things done.
  4. Setting aside dedicated work time and the occasional break. Keeping a schedule for your day will help you stay focused on work tasks during working blocks and also allow you personal break time throughout the day.  While you may think you need to stay focused and work non-stop, breaks help increase productivity. Taking the occasional breather helps us to function at our best without getting burnt out. Remember to include a lunchtime. It’s easy to get so caught up in work that we skip meals. Make sure to schedule out your working blocks with a few breaks during the day.
  5. Use a Kanban board or project management tool. Whether it’s mini Post-It notes or a virtual project management tool such as Asana or Trello, organizing your day’s workflow using these tactics will help you stay on track and get your work accomplished each day. The Post-It note approach is for those who like to be hands-on with their work, and it’s a good visual board that you can glance at throughout the day to check in on your progress. Virtual tools are great for those who can keep track of everything online, and they can provide reminders and help organize a large amount of data for you. 

A lot of thought goes into being as productive as possible each and every day, especially in a virtual work environment that can pose different non-work related distractions in your workspace.  By taking some extra time to follow certain tactics like the ones above, you’ll be better equipped to work your best even in a virtual setting. 

Do you have strategies you swear by that help you work well in a virtual space?  Share with us!