Are you ready to make the most of your virtual assistant with an agency? It’s the best way to make sure you 

They say that money can’t buy happiness, but the wealthiest people find that they’re happiest when their money can buy them time. A Virtual Assistant can do just that by taking care of the demanding, tedious tasks that cause you stress. 

Virtual Assistant service providers and virtual assistant freelancers can benefit your business by handling the extra workload that’s bogging down your team, or that requires skills you don’t have in-house. While agencies can be slightly more expensive, you get what you pay for and you want to make sure you’ll be guaranteed quality services for your investment. An independent freelancer may seem like the most economical choice, but it may end up costing you more money in the long run. 

The key advantages of hiring a virtual assistant through our agency, versus hiring a freelancer, come down to quality assurance, accountability, and having access to a multitude of skill sets and areas of expertise. Here, we define the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant through VaVa Virtual Assistants.

Continued Consulting for Quality Assurance

At VaVa Virtual, we begin with an initial in-depth consultation to help us pair you with the best virtual assistant for your needs. Our dedicated project managers delegate client accounts to the assistants on a case-by-case basis. They assess your needs by discussing the types of tasks you need covered and how many hours per month you’ll need assistance.  Then, you’ll be assigned a dedicated virtual assistant that you’ll work with consistently, allowing you to build a good rapport where they can expect your needs without you having to micromanage them. To ensure we’re always providing you with the best service possible, we’ll perform regular check-ins with you throughout your entire working relationship with us. 

Should you have any hiccups with your VA, your project manager can set you up with a new person quickly and at no extra cost to you. You won’t have to spend more time looking for someone, posting ads, interviewing, performing background checks, negotiating prices, or training them. You simply swap assistants and the training for your new assistant is taken care of. Your project manager will ensure it’s as seamless as possible for you. Working with a freelancer doesn’t leave you a lot of options if things aren’t working out. Since you can’t talk to anyone else about a problem, you’re stuck toughing it out or firing them. You’ll be responsible for starting the search and hiring process all over again. You’ll also have to tread carefully if the working relationship has soured because a stranger has had access to your personal info, files, or accounts.  Aside from this being a huge hassle and time commitment, it also costs you a lot more money overall. 

Vetted Team Members

When you work with VaVa Virtual, the vetting process — like background and reference checks, interviews, trial periods, etc. — has already been taken care of.  VaVa has an experienced Internal Recruiter that makes sure to bring on the best team members out there.  You know you’ll always be working with seasoned, professional, trustworthy, solution-focused virtual assistants. As an established virtual assistant agency we also have extra safety and security measures in place to ensure your confidentiality is kept between staff and through our online portals. Additionally, VaVa Virtual’s proven process has a 90% retention rate, which makes it possible for them to build that long-term relationship with their clients and support them for years to come.

When hiring freelancers, you’ll front the time and expense for running background checks and performing interviews. Depending on your business or the complexity of tasks you need taken care of, your freelancer may not be equipped to handle all of it. An independent freelancer is unlikely to have extra security in place to protect your files, which could expose you to identity theft, fraud, or other internet threats. Additionally, it’s said that making a “bad hire” can cost you up to three times more over time than if you found the right solution right off the bat.

Variety of Skills with a Virtual Assistant Agency

VaVa gives you access to a wide variety of services. Many virtual assistants have specialized skills or areas of expertise, like social media marketing or website design, besides executive-level administration/management experience. Should you have projects come up that require skills your dedicated virtual assistant doesn’t have, you’ll already have access to our full roster of qualified people to help. Plus, all of your needs can be covered by a single contract.

A single freelancer will have a limited number of skills or area of experience, so you may need to hire more than one to cover all of your various business needs. This can make terms of contracts and payments complicated. Plus, it’s more work on your end to set everyone up with your files and accounts and train them in the way you need things done. If you’re curious about some things to outsource to a virtual assistant, here are some ideas from 

Assistance Nearly 24/7

Our U.S.-based assistants cover client services coast to coast, which means they’re available to take on tasks during all hours of the business day. You can work through extended business hours and aren’t confined to your time zone’s 9 AM to 5 PM schedule. Many are also available for weekend work when you work that out ahead of time with your virtual assistant.

Freelance virtual assistants are more likely to have specific days and hours they work, limiting their availability. They usually serve several clients at a time and need to juggle their priorities so they won’t always be free when you need their help.

The Bottom-line

With a virtual assistant agency, like VaVa Virtual Assistants, you pay one price for monthly services or for a specific number of hours per month. You’ll establish a budget that you can stay within, so there are never any surprises. You can choose to have a virtual assistant on full-time, or call on us for one-time projects when you need a little bit of back up. We’re here to help your business thrive no matter what type of support you require.

With Freelancers, it’s unlikely that you’ll get a money-back guarantee, so starting work with one can be a gamble. If you need different services, you may have to hire more than one, which can turn into a bit of a hassle. Many freelancers are paid hourly so there’s also a risk of being overcharged or costs fluctuating greatly each month.

A Virtual Assistant Agency Means Satisfaction All Around

As an established agency, we’ve had 8.5 years to perfect our team-building skills and are proud to say we have a highly skilled, engaged team. This is because we’re diligent and passionate about nurturing an inclusive and diverse working environment, even though it’s virtual. We believe in paying our employees what they deserve and showing our appreciation because they’re the best of the best.

We understand that most business owners want to cut costs wherever they can, but they won’t be getting a full or satisfactory customer experience if they hire a virtual assistant based on competitive pricing alone. People who are paid well for their experience and time are happier, more productive, and more efficient. Our virtual assistants truly love what they do and love being a part of VaVa’s team, and it shows in the work they produce and the relationships they cultivate with their clients. We’re extremely proud of the client feedback we receive. 

“This team is tech-savvy, friendly, professional, trustworthy, responsible, and will help you Get It Done! VaVa Virtual is an affordable way to help you take your business to the next level.” – Paige Cahill

“Not only do they do an exceptional job on my newsletters, social media, blogs, etc., but they always do it so promptly and professionally.” – Diana Ennen

“They have completely captured my dream company voice and are continuously helping me grow my company in ways I hadn’t thought of. I look forward to continuing working with them!” – Kiara Green

“Using VaVa has significantly improved my systems and workflows and added amazing value to my business. I love knowing I’m not alone in this and my VA has my back.” – Melissa Hollingsworth

When you hire a virtual assistant through an agency like VaVa Virtual Assistants, you’ll have greater control over your budget and time. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that all of your needs can be met by one agency and under one contract. You’ll have access to many skills, no matter what your business needs are, and we guarantee your tasks will be completed on time and to your satisfaction. If you’re ready to simplify your life and streamline your business, you can discover the many ways a virtual assistant agency can help by downloading our free guide.