Need help managing a business during COVID? You’re not alone. Even with assistance from the PPP loan program, small business owners have struggled throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that many businesses are permitted to operate while abiding by certain regulations, you may be wondering which investments and behind-the-scenes projects will be most beneficial as you aim to bring in more customers. 

It can be tricky to balance between cutting unnecessary expenses to stay afloat and spending on worthwhile initiatives that will allow you to make up for lost income in the long run, but the following tips can help you decide which new technology, marketing efforts, and physical changes to your brick-and-mortar space will be worth it. 

Invest in New Tech

Right now, you probably have fewer customers than you usually would at the start of the summer, which makes it an ideal opportunity to learn new technology and train your employees to do the same. Consider investing in devices for your physical store, like iPads for your register, or choosing new inventory management software to track your incoming and outgoing orders.

Digital Marketing

Although small businesses are receiving more foot traffic, many people are still choosing to do their shopping online instead. That’s why improving your digital marketing strategy is the key to keeping your business afloat this summer. This is another project that you may want to outsource to the experts. Working with an agency like VaVa Virtual Assistants will be money well spent, and with the right kind of outreach, you can expect a significant increase in sales. 

Don’t overlook the power of social media for boosting sales, either! You may also want to test some basic social media marketing strategies on your own, like curating a particular aesthetic for your accounts, posting on a regular schedule, and tracking your metrics.  

App Development

Looking for other ways to benefit your company by using new technology? Think about designing an app. Developing a specific app for your business will make it easier for customers to shop online, and you and your customers won’t have to deal with the additional fees. 

If you don’t have any previous experience with programming, you may need to hire Android app developer freelancers who can create an app suited to the unique needs of your business. By using websites like Upwork, you can get price estimates from several independent contractors.  

Website Upgrade

While maintaining an active presence on social media is important, every small business owner should also have a company website. You may be able to design a basic ecommerce website on your own, but if you’ve never done it before, hiring a web designer will likely yield better results. CodeCondo recommends building your website with your customers’ needs in mind: for instance, the search bar should be easy to find, you should avoid disruptive autoplay pop-ups, and your website should be optimized for mobile usage.

Organize Your Space

Finally, don’t forget to spruce up your brick-and-mortar space. When it comes to managing a business during COVID, organization is key. Aside from deep cleaning your storefront and stock room, consider changing up the interior design with some low-cost, DIY projects. Entrepreneur recommends painting an accent wall to make your space look larger, installing vertical storage solutions to fully utilize your wall space, and upgrading your lighting to create ambiance. Giving your store a new look will entice customers to stop in!

This pandemic has presented many challenges for small business owners, and you’ve likely had to revise your budget and switch up your sales methods multiple times. Keeping your business solvent over the past few months probably hasn’t been easy, but as governments loosen restrictions on businesses, these investments will help you boost your revenue and attract customers who are eager to start shopping again.