It’s hard to know how to boost your social media engagement as a business owner. Social media plays a crucial role in your brand’s marketing strategy. With over 2 billion users worldwide, your customers are already there. The beauty of it is that you can reach customers and demographics you wouldn’t ordinarily reach with a website alone, therefore increasing sales potential. 

It’s no secret that compelling and exciting images are important, but there are some more unconventional ways to boost your social media engagement as well.

Here are six simple ways you can increase your social media presence and grow your online audience now.

Boost social media engagement by identify your target audience

Your content has your name, but it’s FOR the viewer. This may be social media, but it’s still marketing, and a key to this is your target demographic. Create multiple user personas that fit your ideal customer, and some that fit who will probably make the purchase decision – these two aren’t always the same! Use this to get into the headspace of your audience and consider what type of posts they WANT to see.

Invest for social media engagement

Don’t be afraid to boost an ad. Popular services like Instagram will even recommend which posts to boost based on their performance. You can use these boosted ads to target your specific audience from the personas you have created. This guarantees the highest possibility of your content getting in front of whom you want, and since it’s tailored to their interests it creates a higher ROI.

Take a leap with a takeover

Social Media Influencers are a real thing, not just a made-up phrase and they’re great for when you need to boost your social media engagement. If there’s someone of note in your industry who has a large presence, reach out and pitch a takeover. This gives that influencer complete control over your social media for 1-7 days where their goal is to boost your following with their own style content AND by sharing it with their followers on their page. This could fall under the investing point, but it is a different tactic than boosted ads, and I wanted to clarify the distinction. 

Organize a giveaway

Regardless of your business type, this method is cost effective and impactful way to generate sales and promote your products. Contests and giveaways help increase your traffic as potential customers will engage with your brand more hoping to win something. This can increase the awareness of your service or product as customers share news about the discounts with their friends.

Make yourself sharable

Non-branded content receives more attention and engagement as the user doesn’t feel like they’re being sold to – a big turnoff to younger generations who use social media the most. During your regular posting schedule, post a few pieces that don’t contain any information specific to you. Yes, this is potentially giving away information, but it leads back to your company/organization. This can be an industry-specific post or something interesting like #FunFactFriday. The goal of this post is purely to boost engagement and your profile notability.

Engaging CTA to boost your social media engagement

As always, it’s important to include a call to action that creates a sense of urgency. Many consumers visit your social media profiles before heading to your website to get a better understanding of your brand before they make a purchase. The key is to make the whole process from CTA to purchase engaging. Otherwise, it might demotivate your prospects and prevent them from completing a purchasing.

In all the social media frenzy, we can forget about the simple things we can do to get that bump in our company’s online following. Your social media strategy is one that should be well planned out to keep your audience engaged and avoid driving them away.

We hope these quick and easy tips will help boost your social media engagement, following, and traffic to your website. We understand that the reality for some companies is they just don’t have the manpower to keep up the online presence they need to make a difference. VaVa Virtual Assistants offers a variety of social media and content creation services to help you do just that. Contact us and we’ll help get your company’s online presence up to snuff!