expert course creator teaching a class

We want to help you look like an expert course creator with a virtual assistant. Whether you’re a coach creating an online course for your clients, or you have a special skill you want to teach others, with a virtual assistant’s help, you can create and launch your online course. By hiring a virtual assistant, you can get your class set up and running in a fraction of the time to do it yourself.

An online course can serve as a passive stream of income- who wouldn’t want that? However, most entrepreneurs end up dragging their feet, starting a project they don’t have time to finish because they have other areas of their business that need immediate attention.

A virtual assistant can help you maximize your time, ensuring that valuable content won’t end up sitting around forever waiting for “someday” to arrive, so you can make your online course earn for you now! Become the expert course creator that you were always meant to be!

Research and Analysis

A virtual assistant can save you time by doing basic research, finding and checking sources, finding images, quotes, or other documents to pull from, and organizing all of that information for use in your presentation or self-guided course. Your virtual assistant can also conduct surveys of your customers or students, research industry competition, and analyze the data so you can improve or restructure your systems.

Slides and Worksheets

Your virtual assistant can help you get your information organized, transcribe notes, and type up handwritten notes. Once research and notes have been taken, they can develop a slide deck template using your brand colors, fonts, and logos. They can also prepare emails, graphics, and even downloadable worksheets for your students. Worksheets and handouts to accompany your lessons often incorporate tables, diagrams, and pictures which your virtual assistant can help you arrange based on the corresponding slides.

An Expert Course Creator Needs Organization

Plugging in all of that information is tedious. Your virtual assistant can set up the outline structure of your course, plan out the module and lesson flow for your classes, plug the slides into the modules, and make sure they work correctly so you’ll be ready come launch day.

Email Sales Funnels

Sales funnels are necessary for building leads, but again, what entrepreneur has the time? Become an expert course creator with your virtual assistant’s help to you create and set up an email funnel for your sales pages, opt-in pages, thank you pages, and email follow-ups. A virtual assistant with skills and experience in digital marketing can also find and register you with an email marketing platform, draft correspondences, and customize your forms.

Branding and Marketing Content

Marketing is a huge task that requires a lot of time. You need great content that’s consistent with your brand, a fool-proof strategy you’ll work tirelessly to execute daily, and to keep all of your platforms updated and organized. A virtual assistant can help you with producing and/or formatting your lead magnets, social media content, and infographics, and scheduling your content to post at the best time and day for maximum visibility. They can also be a second pair of eyes to ensure that all of your course or marketing-related content is cohesive with your business brand and voice.

Social Media Management

Once your virtual assistant gets a feel for your brand voice and aesthetic, they can help you with creating, scheduling, and posting content to your profiles, and tweak content depending on the platform. As they become more familiar with your expectations and your customers, they can moderate group requests, comments, and filter or respond to direct messages on your behalf.

Webinar Set Up and Moderation

If you want to host a live webinar, your virtual assistant can help get it set up, record the webinar, and moderate questions and comments while you present. Then, they can upload the video recording to your course platform, YouTube, LinkedIn, or Facebook when ready. In addition, they can also help you create short video tutorials, FAQs, or other fun videos to build engagement with your audience and students.

Customer Service and Support

Virtual assistants are great for taking those tedious administrative tasks off your plate. They can answer questions, return calls or emails, process refunds or coupons, send follow-ups, share links to helpful resources, and even offer customer support in case of technical errors.

As a small business owner, you don’t have the time to do it all, but putting your expertise into content that will attract new prospects and support your current clients or students is essential for your long-term growth. A skilled virtual assistant can save you time and money by helping you to create, market, launch, and deliver your online course.

Expert Course Creator with a Virtual Assistant

If you’re ready to become an expert course creator with a virtual assistant by your side, give us a call. If you’re still curious what all you can ask a virtual assistant to do, we have a free guide with more than 30 things you can use a virtual assistant for.