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If you’ve been wondering, “How can a virtual assistant help?” We’ve got the answer. Virtual assistants are a fairly new term to some. Let’s just say, it’s not Siri or Alexa. We are highly-skilled professionals who help companies with a variety of tasks but happen to work from home. 

At VaVa Virtual Assistants, we’ve been working in the field for almost 10 years now. With more people working remotely than ever before, there’s an uptick in the people who are searching for virtual professionals. 

If you’re considering how you can grow your business in 2021, a virtual assistant is a great tool to do just that. Here are just a few things that you can expect from working with our team. 

Inbox Management

Does it sometimes feel like you could either spend the bulk of your day answering emails? We know how that is. You might even ignore your inbox for days because you don’t want it to take you away from the important work that you’re doing. Still, you never know when something just as important could come through. 

With a virtual assistant, you have someone who can go through your incoming emails. They can flag things for you that are important, set up systems to move emails to certain folders automatically, and even respond on your behalf where needed. 

Think about how much more you’d get done if you didn’t have to worry about email management. 

Tablet with a weekly planner showing

Calendar Support

Staying organized enough to do your job well, can feel like an extra job. With a trained virtual assistant, you’ll have someone who can keep your calendar up to date and functioning how you’d like it. Maybe you don’t want to do meetings on Mondays anymore or you want to block out time on your calendar to work on bigger projects, a virtual assistant can do that for you. 

That way, when someone new wants an appointment with you, you have someone who can field that inquiry and put it on the calendar in a way that supports your business goals. 

Blog Writing

You might have known about the first two options for a virtual assistant, but did you know that at VaVa Virtual, we also have highly-skilled writers and marketers on our team?

If your company has a website, you probably know the importance of new content and SEO-rich blogs. When things get busy though, blogs tend to get left behind. If it has been a while since you’ve given your blog any attention, consider hiring a virtual assistant to take that on for you. Once you get your blog up and running consistently, you’ll see how it can increase your website traffic. 

Digital Marketing

Similar to blogs, some elements of a good digital marketing plan might be put to the side when other work starts to take priority. But as any smart business owner knows, you can’t be without marketing for too long. 

So, what can a virtual assistant do related to digital marketing? At VaVa Virtual, we have team members who are skilled in social media, graphic design, website design, email funnels, and more. 

Many of our Digital Marketers can help across a variety of digital marketing needs. Maybe you need more help with social media one month and the next you really want to focus on your email funnels. All of that is possible with a virtual professional. 

Pinterest Management

In addition to normal digital marketing assistance, we wanted to call out Pinterest management as something clients are looking for more these days. Since social media management is something we will gladly take on, you may want to consider using a virtual assistant for Pinterest. 

Pinterest is a complicated platform that can drive a huge amount of traffic to your website so long as you’re diligent with posting original content (sometimes 5+ times a day). That means writing SEO-friendly captions, making new graphics, repurposing content, and keeping an eye on analytics. 

There are a lot of details involved with a stellar Pinterest strategy. Getting a virtual assistant for Pinterest management is a smart way to utilize our help. 


If finances are taking up too much of your time, consider working with one of our bookkeepers. They can help with invoicing clients, managing bill payment services, and keeping track of your daily finances. 

We’re in the midst of tax season. You might be remembering just how much goes into filing your business taxes. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a virtual assistant for the next tax season? You’ll have someone to keep track of receipts and make sure your books are in order throughout the year so when you do you have to file, taxes will be a breeze. 

More ways a virtual assistant can help

Are you interested in learning more about what a virtual assistant can do? We have a free guide that shows 30+ ways to use a virtual assistant. Download it for yourself to see exactly how a virtual assistant can help your business grow in 2021 and beyond.