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These growth mindset hacks are going to be a big deal for your business! A growth mindset can be a game-changer for business. If that’s a term you’ve never heard before, let us take a second to explain. 

The growth mindset is often seen in juxtaposition with a fixed mindset. When you’re in a fixed mindset, you tell yourself things like “I’ll never be good at this,” “I don’t like the challenge,” or “Change is always bad.”

When you have a fixed mindset in business, you close yourself off from opportunities to learn, take risks, and show off your confidence. That’s why a fixed mindset is so detrimental to growing your business. 

Instead of staying stuck in the fixed mindset, we’d encourage you to pursue a growth mindset. When you approach problems from that point of view, you’ll see challenges as opportunities and change as improvement. 

If you or your team have been stuck in the fixed mindset, here are some hacks you can try to get to the growth mindset that makes for happy, successful businesses. 

Reframing challenges as opportunities

Every challenge comes with a silver lining. Perhaps the challenge makes your business stronger or shows you where you might have an opportunity for learning. If you feel like you’ve been dealing with a lot of challenges lately, take some time to write down each challenge in a list. Once you’ve written down all the difficult things that your business is currently facing, write beside it how that challenge brings an opportunity. 

When you’re able to reframe obstacles as areas for growth instead of setbacks, you’ll be focused more on building in the future than lamenting on the past. 

Often the fixed mindset individuals are too focused on the past. They get stuck thinking the past determines everything about the future. It keeps them from thinking their present actions will do anything to change the future. When you’re able to reframe obstacles, you’re switching to thinking about the future. 

Replacing self-doubt with truth

Imposter syndrome is real! It can especially be crippling for business owners who don’t feel they deserve what they have or that they’re good enough to be in the position they are in. 

The important thing to remember though is that often imposter syndrome is built on lies. You lie to yourself about what you deserve, how much work you do, and how talented you are. 

Similar to what you did with reframing, write down all the negative self-talk that comes into your mind. Then, besides it, right down the truth. 

If it’s hard for you to even connect to the truth without coming back to the negative self-talk, think of it as writing down what your biggest supporter would say. That might be your best friend, spouse, or mom; whoever thinks the world of you. What would they say in response to your self-doubt? Chances are, they’re the ones telling you the truth when you tell yourself something negative.

Thinking of who you’ll help

Being a business owner is exhausting. Sometimes it can feel like you just don’t want to grow anymore because you’re afraid of taking on more than you can handle. 

When those thoughts come in, it’s important to go back to what your purpose was for starting your business in the first place. Who did you want to help and why? As you grow, you’ll have the opportunity to help even more people. That’s worth putting in the extra hours. 

If that’s not motivation enough, think about other causes that you want to support. Maybe you’ve been waiting for your business to take off before you start really giving back to charities or organizing fundraisers for causes you believe in. Write down the charities you want to give back to when you’re financially able to do so. You can even think about the difference a donation today would mean vs. the donation you could make when your business is at its most successful. 

Be open to change

There’s a book, with a fairly silly title, called “Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson, M.D. that is commonly read among business owners. 

Here’s a brief synopsis. There are two mice going through a maze. They both go through their maze and find cheese in the exact same spot day after day. One day, to the surprise of both mice, the cheese isn’t there. One mouse sits in that spot, hoping and waiting for the cheese to return. The other mouse starts to look for the cheese elsewhere. 

The mouse that stays in one spot doesn’t believe he needs to change anything about his actions. He believes the cheese will return so long as he stays the course. He is fixed in his mindset. 

The other mouse is open to change though. That mouse adapts to the sudden difference in their daily activities. This mouse is ready to adjust and benefits from the growth mindset. 

The moral of the story is to be like the second mouse who re-evaluates when things change and is open to changing with the world. After all, we’ve all learned through the 2020 pandemic that change is unexpected. Those that clung to their old ways struggled to make it through but those who adapted thrived. 

Be ready for other growth mindset hacks

Once you’ve adjusted your mindset, you’ve got to be ready for the growth that may come. Getting help managing that growth is crucial. Reach out to us to learn more about utilizing a virtual assistant as your business goes to the next level.