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The simple secret to win more enthusiastic clients with personalization

by | Apr 27, 2021

Get more clients with personalization! Want to improve your marketing without changing everything? There’s one simple secret that can make any piece of marketing better: personalization. 

People want to feel like the companies they work with care about them as more than just a number. They want to be seen and heard. Personalization helps you do that and it doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are a few ways you can start including personalization in your marketing.


Email marketing

The best-known example of personalization is within email marketing. Email marketing systems let you pull in a variety of content about your audience for emails. The most typical and the easiest is to include someone’s first name at the start of the email. 

However, you can also pepper that first name throughout the email copy or you can get creative with other fields. If you want your email to seem more custom, you can ask a question like, “How are things in _________?” and fill the blank with their current city. 

You might even insert the last event you saw them at if you’re collecting that information in your email system. You could say something like, “It’s been a while since I saw you at ______ but I wanted to catch up.” 

The important thing with this type of automation is making sure that you keep a clean list. If you’re going to put the last event someone attended, make sure you have an event for everyone on the list you’re emailing. If you don’t, it’s going to come across as blank when the email is sent out and the illusion of personalization will be broken. 

Email marketing systems also give you a lot of data on your audience that you can use to personalize things. You can send a follow-up email if you know someone opened your last email and make it clear that you’re paying attention to what they’re responding to. Get more clients with that personalization element.


Sending messages on social media

One way to reach out to your ideal client is through social media. However, you can come across as spammy if you aren’t careful. That’s why personalization is so great for social media messages. 

Let’s say someone comments on one of your Instagram posts and you look at their profile to find that they seem like your ideal client. You can send them a DM that’s a voice message where you mention their name and something you liked from their profile. You could do the same thing with a short video. It’s more personalized and stands out from the typical cold sell. 

Keep in mind, if you’re reaching out to fairly cold contacts, don’t jump right into your offer. Start by talking about something you like about their profile and try to genuinely get to know them. If they give one-word responses or just don’t respond at all, leave them alone. 

LinkedIn is another platform that works well for this technique. Keep in mind though that people get lots of messages on LinkedIn every day. If you’re going to reach out, do your homework to personalize it somehow. Maybe you noticed that the person you’re reaching out to was featured in an article recently. You can start the conversation by mentioning that article to show that you are interested in them beyond just spamming out the same generic message to hundreds of people. 

Another thing to keep in mind is any automatic responses you have set up. On Facebook, it’s easy to set up a bot to respond to messages when you might not be able to. With that bot, you can add in someone’s first name in your response to really personalize things.


Retargeting advertisements

If you use Facebook ads for your business, you might have heard of the Facebook Pixel. It’s a really helpful tool for advertising that lets you target your ads to people who already visited your website. 

Some people just use it generally for all website visitors but you can also target it done to specific landing pages, blog posts, or other special “events” on your website. 

Let’s say someone was reading through your blog about making business taxes easier. If they then get an advertisement a couple of days later about getting a virtual bookkeeper for their taxes, they’ll feel like that ad speaks to exactly what they’re interested in. 

You can’t personalize the ad with their name at this point but you can at least speak to their specific interest. That’s one simple way to get more clients with personalization.


Engaging on social media

You probably already know how important it is to respond to comments and messages on social media, but if you’ve been behind on that this is your reminder. When you respond, try to use the person’s first name in your response and respond to what they said instead of making a generic response. 

You can also do some outreach or what’s called listening on social media. Let’s say you make water bottles. You can go to Twitter and search for tweets about water bottles. You might learn a bit about your audience’s pain points and preferences but you’ll also find plenty of opportunities to add to conversations that are already out there. Again, don’t be too “salesy” but just engage in a normal conversation, retweet things that are appropriate for your brand. 

Similarly, you can engage with hashtags on Instagram or LinkedIn. You can find posts related to your industry where you can share your knowledge or you can think about hashtags your ideal clients might use and engage there. Just make sure your comments add value and are personalized to what the post says. We can all tell when a comment is just spam.


More Clients with Personalization

Personalizing can take a bit more energy but there are also systems you can set up to make personalization run smoothly. If you could use help getting that set up and maintained, a virtual assistant will be invaluable. Set up a time to chat with us to learn more. 

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