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How to Leverage YouTube to Build More Brand Trust and Value

by | Jul 5, 2021

YouTube presents an awesome opportunity to add value to your brand. YouTube content, and video content in general, creates a deeper connection between brand and audience than other types of content. If being face-to-face is the best way to make a personal connection, then YouTube is the next best thing.

Through that connection, brands can frame themselves as experts in their fields. You can differentiate yourself from competitors in the same market. You can create evergreen content that will continue to help you develop relationships with your audience moving forward. You may also find opportunities to partner with other brands as a way to extend your reach. Keep reading to learn how to achieve all of this through YouTube content. At the end, we’ll give you a few pointers on how to get started.


Be An Expert

By running a business in your industry and your niche, you’re already an expert in the work you do. How well do you communicate that expertise to your community? Through demonstrating your expertise in YouTube videos, you gain thought leadership in your industry. This helps build trust with your audience and leads to new business.

Here are a few YouTube content ideas for developing thought leadership:

  • Informational videos demonstrating the work you do
  • How-to videos showing off your expertise
  • Discussion or interview videos with partner organizations, clients, or employees
  • Technical presentation with voiceover narration



Differentiate Your Brand

Brands are often built around unique personalities. Depending on the brand image you hope to portray to your audience, YouTube might be the perfect venue to further develop that personality. Whether you hope to appear quirky, excited, or down-to-earth, YouTube videos are an effective way to express your brand identity. This is one reason to not stress about the technical quality of your videos. If you’re a small business, the do-it-yourself spirit of your videos will only add character. People love to support industrious small businesses!

Creating content that will truly differentiate your brand takes competitive awareness. What are other brands doing in your space? Where do you think your brand could excel or stand out? Think through the best approach to your video content before you get going. Identify your differentiators and strive to embody those in each piece of content you put out.


Deepen Relationships with Client and Customers

Your YouTube channel can become a repository of evergreen content that will continue to serve you and your customers for years to come. Think of your channel as a FAQ page. What are your clients’ or customers’ common questions or concerns? Create videos addressing these topics. Then, when a new lead asks that age-old question–boom–you have the perfect video to send their way. Not only does it save you time answering the same questions, it makes you look good doing it.

This bank of content will aid in building client relationships far into the future. Existing clients will return to your content for your expertise and leads will start to get to know you. You will be able to share your videos again and again on social media. They will help new employees get to know you. They will support your journey as you grow and become a living record of where you started.


Build Authority through Partnerships

YouTube is a useful space for extending your network through partnerships with other brands. Consider how you and a partner brand could collaborate on mutually beneficial content. For example, a wedding venue might partner with a local florist. Or a sandwich shop might collaborate with the bakery that supplies their bread.

Partnering with other brands on YouTube does a few things. First, it broadens your reach. The audience of your partner becomes your audience, and vice versa. Second, it can help you alter the perception of your brand. Depending on the partner you choose, your audience may begin seeing you in a new light. Partnering with a local nonprofit, for example, will reveal a dedication to your community. Finally, partnering with another brand gives you authority. If your partner trusts you, then their audience is likely to as well.


Keep It Simple

Now that we’ve convinced you to add YouTube to your content mix, the conversation turns to implementation. Creating YouTube content doesn’t have to be intimidating. With some preparation up-front and best practice guidelines, even beginners can create stylish, professional content. Here are some tips to get you started!

Overall, it’s best to keep the process simple to save you time and make the process of creating YouTube content feasible, replicable, and cost-efficient.

  • Filming: Most newer smartphones and computers have cameras that capture video with high enough quality for YouTube content. The bigger concern is the lighting for your video. Always go for bright environments, brighter than you think. Try to film somewhere with lots of natural light or purchase an affordable ring light to enhance your setup.
    Set: If you have space that can be devoted to filming content, create a permanent “set” to film your videos. Plain, inviting, quiet backgrounds work well. Some professionals film videos sitting at their desks. The location should reflect the feeling of your business, whether it’s personal, professional, or associated with a particular setting like a kitchen, medical office, or warehouse.
  • Hosting: Clients love to see the faces of the people they will be working with day-to-day, whether that’s you, the business owner, or a representative. It may take time to get comfortable in front of the camera, but keep in mind that you’re just talking to the clients and customers that you love! Try scripting if that helps you stay organized or keep your content naturally conversational.
  • Voiceovers: If you or members of your team don’t want to be on camera, consider recording a voiceover that can be placed over an animated presentation. This might be more applicable for brands in technical industries where personality is less important to convey. It’s also a great way to re-use those presentations you’ve spent valuable time creating. For this option, an easy solution is to use any screen record software to click through the presentation timed with the voiceover.
  • Editing: If you have a budget, this is where you should spend it. Editing can be time-consuming, but is completely feasible for a novice. You can create video intros and outros on platforms like Canva to make the process easier. Having a uniform intro and outros for all of your videos–or separate ones for each type of video you decide to create. You can edit the video with the editing software that comes preinstalled on your computer. Stay away from the flashy editing options that can often end up looking cheesy or unprofessional. Remember, keep it simple. Clean, simple videos convey confidence and put the focus on the content.


Reap the Rewards of Video Content

Brands that lean on personality, creatively driven businesses, and those in visually interesting industries will do especially well on YouTube. Other types of businesses can also succeed. You’ll just need to tap into your creativity. Consider your brand identity and what your audience is looking for. Do some more research. Video is one of the most flexible content mediums. Whatever your message might be, there’s a creative way to express it.

Now that you understand how YouTube adds value and trust to your brand, turn on that camera and get filming. If you need help with the process, we have digital marketers who are experts at helping brands build up their social media content including video.

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