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How to Engage Loyal Customers to Grow Your Business

by | Sep 15, 2021

You have customers. They love your brand. What’s next?

Keeping current customers engaged is essential to business growth. You may think that since your repeat customers are already spending money with you, there’s not much more you need to do. You’d rather focus on pulling in new business than attend to the business you already have. That logic makes sense. We definitely support attracting more business however you get it! However, your existing customers should not be overlooked as an opportunity to grow your business. With a little attention and encouragement, happy customers can become a voice for your brand and a magnet for new business.


Identify Your Loyal Customers

Define what a loyal customer means to your business. For you, it might come down to dollars and cents. Whoever spends the most with you might be your top priority. You could also look at the frequency of sales. If repeat customers are the backbone of what you do, customers with the most orders might be more valuable. Quality online engagement is another possible feature to concentrate on. Whether or not a customer is a high spender might not matter if their positive opinions of your brand can cut through the digital noise.

For B2B businesses, consider what customers deeply rely on your products or services. If you play a vital role in these businesses, they chose you as a vendor for a reason. These organizations can speak to your industry and the value you provide. Focus on the businesses that have influence in your industry.

Consider how your customers communicate about your brand. What platforms are they using? Can they reach your target audience? Find the ones who understand the mission of your brand and where you’re headed. Find the ones who are capable of speaking in your brand’s voice. Imagine how they could help your brand with some encouragement!


Reward Their Loyalty

Some companies do this in a formal way with rewards programs. Think of frequent flyer programs or punch cards at coffee shops. That strategy is an option, but reaching out to your loyal customers can also be more casual. Enter them in an email drip campaign that offers discount codes or free downloadable resources. Reach out on social media to thank them for their shout-outs. Send them a PR kit when you have a new launch.

If you run a B2B business, consider the ways you can help your business customers succeed. Sharing your own audience with them is usually a successful tactic. Ask them to write an article for your website. Interview them on your blog. Shout them out on social media. Offer discounts when they reach milestones with your business.

Your loyal customers already love you, but you want to emphasize that relationship. Help these customers recognize the important part they have played in your business. Defining this relationship for your customers will encourage them to view themselves as integral to your brand–if they don’t already feel that way. Ensuring that your loyal customers identify with your brand will help when it comes to asking for favors and benefiting from their advocacy.


Cultivate Brand Advocates

Now that you have identified your loyal customers and shared the love, it’s time to enjoy the benefits of having such a great customer base! You can expect this to happen naturally. Your best customers will already be recommending your brand to their friends. They’ll be posting about your brand on social media. They’ll be writing reviews about how much they love your products and services. That’s what it means to be a brand advocate.

Don’t be afraid to directly ask for support as well! The process of asking for help can always be a little awkward, but just remember that these customers already love you. Plus, all they can say is no. It’s easier if you’ve devoted time to developing strong relationships with them. Especially for brands with meaningful missions, loyal customers will be more than willing to help you out. All you have to do is ask. Request reviews. Source referrals. Encourage word-of-mouth suggestions. Ask to use customer photos or other content that involves your products or services. Decide what will have the most impact for your brand and industry.

Finally, keep the cycle going by showing your gratitude and rewarding them for their advocacy. Reinforce their significance to your brand. This will solidify long-term retention and result in a consistent source of new business.

Enlist your customer base to advocate for your brand. It will be good for your business. Not only can your existing customers help to bring in new business, but they are vital in strengthening the reputation and sentiment surrounding your brand. Your brand advocates won’t just talk about the fact that they love your brand; they’ll talk about why they love your brand. That’s some of the best praise a business owner can ask for.

If you ever need help managing your marketing or your customer base, look no further. Our talented virtual assistants and digital marketing staff are experienced in helping brands grow.

We’d be happy to evaluate your current marketing and help take it to the next level.


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