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10 Ways We’ve Helped Clients Grow in 10 Years of Business

by | Sep 27, 2021

September 2021 marks 10 years of VaVa Virtual Assistants!

We made it this far with the dedicated support of our talented staff, our trusty partners, and our inspiring clients. During our first decade of business, we’ve had the opportunity to help our clients reach their goals, share in their missions and watch their organizations prosper. We’ve learned—just as our clients have—the great value and impact virtual assistants can have on business growth.

To celebrate our 10th birthday, we’re recapping 10 ways we’ve helped our clients grow in 10 years of business.


1. Amplified Online Courses Attendance

Our specialty is helping businesses grow. For those running courses online, that means finding a way to attract more course attendees and growing your presence. In one case, we successfully increased the number of course registrants for our client’s coaching course.

In the span of 2 years, registrations grew by +182% through Facebook Ads and leveraging our client’s mailing list. With this effective strategy nailed down, we were open to exploring more avenues for expansion.


2. Empowered Smooth Life Transitions

We have empowered countless individuals undergoing life transitions. From marriages and pregnancies to moving and divorces, we have assisted professionals and business owners manage during the biggest of life transitions.

We have acted as sounding boards for our clients, provided advice, and stepped in when they needed backup and general support. We have helped with all the moving parts that go along with these changes like setting up new vendors, transferring vendors, paying bills, doing research, finding new providers, coordinating logistics surrounding moving companies, switching car titles, and the list goes on!


3. Enabled Work-Life Balance

We’ve enabled many of our clients to achieve the work-life balance they deserve. Often, bringing a VA on board allows our clients to find the balance they’ve been searching for almost immediately.

This is what some of them had to say:

“I wish I had hired my VA 6 months ago because she got more done in the first 2 weeks than I could have gotten done in 6 months!”

“My VA is fantastic – absolutely fantastic. She is what I have been dying to have assist me. I could not have asked for someone better. She takes initiative and her time-keeping is fantastic. She has established a clear priority of items and is transparent with me about her time and availability. It is a joy having her at the other end of the phone. Today, she blew my socks off as there was a new property that was added to my portfolio and before I could add the property myself, she had already added it. People struggle learning the software I use, and she took to it easily. She is everything I was hoping for in an Executive Assistant. She is intelligent and has a talent. She has jumped right in and her pace is the same as mine, if not faster.”

“VaVa saved my life and my business. I have been through a nightmare with 3 male computer programmers. The VaVa team stepped in on Friday and saved me. You have the best people working with you. Thank you for all you do.”

“I utilize VaVa Virtual Assistants for my daily calendar management. I was hesitant to delegate my highly active calendar to a virtual-based assistant at first, but quickly found that I was able to rely on my assistant to effectively set, organize and monitor my schedule. My VaVa Virtual Assistant has allowed me to use my time more efficiently. I truly appreciate VaVa!”


4. Increased eCommerce Sales

As the e-commerce industry continues to boom, we are helping our clients optimize their online shops to maximize revenue.

In the span of 6 months, sales in a single client’s online shop increased from 18.5% to 51.2% per month! We accomplished this by boosting page views (up by 202%), visits to the website (up by 301%), and retail subscribers (up by 104%). With that kind of growth handled online, our clients are free to pursue their next sales and marketing goals


5. Demonstrated the Power of a Virtual Assistant

Before taking the leap to work with VaVa Virtual, many of our clients had not fully appreciated the myriad benefits of a virtual assistant. VAs can give hours of your day back, help you become (and remain) organized, further your goals, and so much more.

Through pairing our clients with compatible, hard-working talent, we have helped clients see the power of what a virtual assistant can do for their businesses. So much so, we’ve had several of our VAs bought out by their clients, meaning they now work directly for the client rather than through VaVa. This is a true testament to the wonderful people we hire and the level of service they provide!


6. Provided Essential Resources

We’ve provided innumerable resources to our clients by leveraging our expansive business network. We have made referral connections and passed along new business. We have fulfilled urgent client needs by recommending legal services and proposing talent for a CFO position.

Whatever advice or assistance our clients have required, we’ve been able to, at the very least, point them in the right direction.


7. Partnered with the Do-Gooders of the World

In the same way, we help small businesses succeed, we love partnering with Do-Gooders, nonprofits, and people making an impact on the world. Helping out organizations that shed light on missions we are passionate about makes what we do every day even more special.

Over the last 10 years, we’ve been privileged to help causes that are combating racial biases, promoting equity and inclusion, bolstering environmental consciousness, and spreading mental health awareness.


8. Helped Clients Take Advantage of Social Media

We’ve brought clients into the 21st century with social media. With our digital marketing services, we’ve helped many clients create social media marketing plans that are aimed at achieving their business goals.

Our talented writers, graphic designers, and content creators mold our clients’ online presences to represent their unique brands. One of our digital marketing clients said: “VaVa is fantastic. They have brought my agency into the 21st century of social media, marketing and communication. I am very thankful to have them on my team!!”

“VaVa is fantastic. They have brought my agency into the 21st century of social media, marketing and communication. I am very thankful to have them on my team!!”


9. Trained Virtual Assistants to Exceed Expectations

Not only do we help our clients grow, but we help our staff grow as well. To ensure our staff is always at their best for our clients, we provide monthly training.

Our workshops cover topics from equity and inclusion to problem-solving for clients and customer service. These frequent training sessions helped a virtual assistant transition from Executive Assistant to Chief of Staff in our client’s company.


10. Encouraged Clients to Grow Through Delegation

We’ve seen companies grow exponentially through delegation. VaVa Virtual is one of them! Our virtual assistants clear the way for business owners to focus on the aspects of business that lead to growth.

Recognizing the power of their VA, one of our clients escalated their services from 20 hours a month to 100 hours consistently for over a year. Another client grew business in his investment firm by 600% by increasing his usual 5 deals per month to closing 30+. The opportunities for growth are endless with a virtual assistant’s support!

We love playing a central part in our clients’ journeys! Whether that’s helping them navigate everyday life and business or reaching a specific business target, we’re passionate about making it happen for each and every one of our clients. The last decade has shown us how critical delegation can be for small businesses in today’s market. The opportunities for growth are endless—if you just have the time. Fortunately, our virtual assistants have made that possible time and again.

In the next decade, we’re looking forward to discovering all the new ways we can make a difference for our clients.

We hope you stay tuned for the ride!


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