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How Clear Communication Can Take Your Team to the Next Level

by | Oct 13, 2021

Your team runs on communication. Depending on how well you interact and exchange information, your work together is smooth, efficient, sluggish, or rocky. Many different factors impact the quality of your communication. Individual communication styles, methods of communication, personalities, and availability to communicate can influence the success of your team.

Putting effort into improving your team’s communications will benefit both your team and your business overall. Your team will operate with more fluidity. They will handle projects more efficiently. And that will lead to better operations and more freedom to focus on growing your business.


What Is Clear Communication?

The goal of communicating is to exchange meaning with another person. The success of an attempt to communicate can land anywhere from complete misunderstanding to exact comprehension. Most of the time it falls somewhere in between.

If the person on the other end of your phone call, email, Slack message, or verbal request doesn’t walk away with the message you hope to deliver, problems will likely ensue. Miscommunication can lead to mistakes and confusion that are detrimental to your business. Think wasted budget, tense working environments, and dissatisfied customers.


Fostering Clear Communication

Clear communication can do so much good for your business, so why do so many people struggle to achieve it? Much of it really depends on the makeup of your team and whether they are naturally suited to communicating with each other. If they are, you probably have your communication under control. If not, don’t worry! Clear communication is something that can be developed over time.


Method of Communication

First of all, deciding on a communication system that works for you is a must. Email or phone? Text or project management software? In what circumstance? Often, these decisions will depend on the digital services that you use. Communication about different topics might require different spaces. For example, quick questions might be best for messaging while project-based requests should be saved for your project management software. Make sure that your avenues of communications are working for what type of communication you’re doing.

Communicating emotional topics in person is most effective. If you’re announcing a major success that has the potential to motivate your team, do that in person so your team can appreciate the win together. Similarly, if you have disappointing news to share, revealing it in person will help you gauge your team’s reaction and ensure they walk away with an accurate impression of the situation. Lastly, communicating fact-based information digitally or in written form is most effective.


Reason for Communication

When communicating with your team, be aware of your reason for communicating. Have a goal, and make sure your communication achieves that goal. It helps to put as much effort into listening as you communicate. Not only will this help you get a better idea of your team’s understanding, but it will also prevent the need for repeated communications about the same topic.


Keep It Simple

Be concise. Simplify your message down to the core of what needs to be said. Avoid using slang, metaphors, or sayings that might confuse your message. Especially when assigning tasks, emphasize the outcome you’re hoping to see. Sometimes the main point of the communication can get buried under backstory or extraneous information.


Lead By Example

Developing clearer communication with your team will rely on you setting a good example as the leader of your team. If your team is having a better experience understanding you, their work will improve. If they feel heard by you and their other team members, they will feel motivated to pay attention to how they are communicating too.


Benefits of Clear Communication

Efficient Collaboration

When you start to communicate better with your team, you’ll realize that you’re making fewer mistakes. When your team understands assignments, they’ll succeed at meeting your needs, usually quicker. That translates to better time management and the ability to move on to new projects faster. When everyone is on the same page, you’ll have less confusion surrounding your plans for the future and who is responsible for what tasks.


Confident, Independent Team Members

When everyone on your team is on the same page, your team members will be confident making progress on projects and completing tasks independently. If they know exactly what is expected of them, they will work with conviction toward their goal. Allowing misunderstanding leads to incomplete, incorrect, or unacceptable work results that are bound to fall short of expectations.


Creativity and Better Ideas

When your team starts communicating better, they’ll be more capable of talking through complex, abstract ideas together. Not only will they be able to understand the ideas of others better, but they will also be more comfortable sharing their own innovative ideas. If your team feels understood by their coworkers, they will be more free with their creativity which has the potential of taking your business in new, profitable directions.


Communicate to Grow!

The benefits of developing your team’s communication capabilities are overwhelming. Some teams find a natural flow that works for them. Others need to work at it until their teamwork becomes more fluid. Once your team gets on the same page and is communicating effortlessly, you’ll see improvements in all areas of working together. This will provide the space and time needed to reach new goals and grow your business.

If you feel like you need extra help managing your businesses, a virtual assistant might be right for you. Learn more about our services here or schedule a free consultation to learn how a virtual assistant can benefit your business.

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