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9 Ways to Keep Your Customers Smiling

by | Dec 13, 2021

Customer relationships are key to business growth. They’re at the heart of why you do what you do, and they make your work possible. Developing a lasting connection with your customers will always be more cost-efficient and provide more long-term advantages than constantly sourcing and enticing new leads.

When you provide stellar customer service and keep your patrons happy, repeat business and customer retention will become inevitable. Maintaining strong customer relationships has other great benefits as well. Happy customers will spread the word about your business. They’ll write positive reviews. They’ll recommend your brand to family, friends, and colleagues. They’ll help to mold a positive brand sentiment.

Whatever results you’re looking for, it pays to keep your customers happy. You truly can’t go wrong putting extra effort into providing an exceptional customer experience. Here are some great ideas to please your customers so they keep coming back.


1. Personalize Your Interactions

This is more than simply auto-filling emails with your customers’ names. Learn about your customers and keep a record of what you know. (Most Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can help with this.) Remembering small details about your clients will help them feel personally connected to your business and your brand. Make your customer service interaction personable and friendly. You’re running a business, but the human element shouldn’t be overlooked. (Read more about personalization here.)


2. Set Expectations

Ensure your customers are fully aware of what service or product they can expect from you. Get to know your clients’ frequently asked questions and answer them before they’re asked. For more complicated industries or B2B services, creating content pieces that further explain information that your clients need to know can be helpful. Building a bank of informational content will prepare you when those inevitable questions come in, or you can make a habit of sending this information to every new client. Taking steps to set clear expectations helps to build trust for your business.


3. Compromise When You Can

All relationships are about give and take. Customer relationships are no different. Meeting your customer halfway on complaints or needs that you can’t quite satisfy will show your customer that you are making an effort. You are not just brushing them off or offering flat-out no. You’re demonstrating that you’ve heard them and are trying to make the situation right.


4. Offer your Clients Unexpected Freebies

Gift-giving is one of the best ways to show your appreciation for your customers. Surprise them with an unexpected promotion on their birthday or just because. Throw something small into their current order. Give them an add-on to their service contract. Make them feel like a special member of your community. Don’t let them feel like just another face in the crowd or another contract that renews automatically. Small gifts will show that you haven’t forgotten about them and that they’re still valued.


5. Get Involved in the Community

Supporting causes that are important to your clients will help them feel connected to your business. They’ll know that by supporting your business, they are in turn supporting a strong community. If you’re focused on a local audience, get involved with local nonprofits or charity organizations. Consider running a drive at your business or collecting donations. Allow your customer base to participate.


6. Provide Added Value

Think about how else you can add value to your product or service. You’re an expert in your industry and have more to give than what you’re already getting paid for. Share your knowledge with your customers to provide a better overall customer experience. Educate them with resources, classes, or webinars.


7. Take Feedback Seriously

Don’t just reply to suggestions or complaints on your Google reviews. Don’t forget about issues when the moment passes. Make changes and follow up. Ask what product or service change your audience would like to see and make it happen. Show your customer that their voice matters in your business.


8. Give Customers More Ways to Participate

Think creatively about how customers might get more involved with your business–other than by patronizing your business. Consider creating a customer onboarding program to help your customer get acquainted with your business and how you run things. This is a great opportunity for you to gather feedback as well.

  • Create a referral program that prompts your customers to get their friends, families, and coworkers involved as well.
  • Allow your customers to be partners on projects.
  • Give them opportunities that might help along with their careers or involvement in your industry.


9. Overdeliver

Go above and beyond when you have the opportunity. It will be remembered. You’ll make your clients feel like they are getting more for their money and that their needs are truly being taken into account. You don’t even have to go out of your way to overdeliver. You can just do it when it’s convenient for you. If you’re a consultant or coach, spend more time with your current client when your next client meeting happens to cancel. If you’re a baker and made a few more cookies than you needed, add them to the order anyway. Look out for these opportunities and take advantage of them.

Make Those Grins Happen

We hope you found these suggestions helpful! Employing one, two, or any combination of these ideas will help you stay on good terms with your clients and grow your business even further. Happy clients make a happy business. Now, go out there and use what you’ve learned to put smiles on your customers’ faces!

Did you know that Virtual Assistants can help you provide a great customer service experience for your clients? They can help you carry out any of the ideas above as well as handle basic activities that are expected by your customers like timely responses to inquiries, requests, or complaints.

Schedule a free consultation to find out how a Virtual Assistant can benefit your customers.



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