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How To Find Time To Do What You Love

by | Feb 9, 2022

As an entrepreneur, your day is undoubtedly filled with tasks that you don’t absolutely love. While the administration of your business is essential for its growth and success, those activities are probably not why you started your business. And, as your business grows, you will likely find yourself doing them more and more frequently.

When you’re investing so much time in the day-to-day operation of your business, you can lose sight of what inspired you in the first place–whether that’s the core of your business, your vision for its future, or the lifestyle freedom that comes with being an entrepreneur. When was the last time you found yourself doing what you love?

At VaVa Virtual, we are thrilled to help small business owners find fulfillment in their work every day. Oftentimes, that comes down to removing items from their to-do list and organizing a more efficient workday. Here are some of our best tips to find more time to do what you love.


Set Goals Based On Your Dream Life

Your dream life as an entrepreneur is possible! We’ve seen it happen time and again with our clients. With some organizing and offloading of tasks that take the most out of your day, you’ll be able to focus on what you love to do.

Consider your ideal life. How much would you work? How quickly would you reach your goals?

The answers to those two questions don’t necessarily need to be in conflict. There are tools, strategies, and support that can help you align your optimal lifestyle with realistic business goals. Identify what gets you excited about running your business in addition to what gets you excited about your life outside of your business.

This is where you should be prioritizing your time.


Take Stock of What You’re Sacrificing

Think about any ideas or opportunities that you’ve needed to pass up or put on the back burner for lack of time.

Have you missed out on anything in your personal, family, or social life? When you’re spending your valuable time on tasks and activities that don’t fire you up, you’re wasting time that could be spent on ones that do. Use this as motivation to optimize your work and personal life.


Don’t Spin Your Wheels With Administrative Tasks

Administrative and operational tasks are often what hold entrepreneurs back from doing the work that they really love. With sometimes hundreds of emails that need replies each day and keeping up with bookkeeping, it’s almost impossible to get to the growth activities that will make the biggest impact on your business and your life.

If tasks like these are tiring you out as an entrepreneur, they are actively taking away from your ability to grow your company. Don’t let them stand in your way. Delegating these tasks can be the key to developing a lifestyle that honors both your business and your personal goals.


Hire Professionals

Hiring professionals to oversee the areas of business that are not your expertise can be deeply helpful. Handing off tasks to the experts can even save you money in the long run since they likely have the kind of experience that is needed to optimize.

Small business owners often find success when outsourcing these areas:

  • Taxes
  • Legal services
  • Bookkeeping
  • Customer service
  • Marketing
  • Administrative activities

Handing over these areas to the experts will save you time and give you the confidence that they are being handled appropriately. This can give you the freedom as a business owner to work toward your biggest goals.


Organize Your Day to Limit Down Time and Transition Time

Find a time management method that works for you. These systems can help you optimize your daily work.

For example, in time blocking, you divide your day into smaller blocks of time in which you focus on one task (like email management) or a group of similar tasks (like client meetings).

You could try the Pomodoro technique in which you divide your day into 30-minute time blocks. You set a timer and work for 25 minutes straight and take a short 5-minute rest before starting the next time block.

Another helpful strategy is taking all like meetings during the same period of time. This would involve taking all video meetings during the same few hours so you can just sit at your desk and knock them out. Same with meetings at your office or at other locations.

Try to find a system that compliments your work style. Having a solid time management method will help you to trim down the time it takes to transition from activity to activity and the energy needed to constantly refocus.


Honor Your Time

As the owner of a business, your time is highly valuable. Start honoring that in your day-to-day by being protective over your time.

Don’t let other people (including your team) waste your time. Don’t let meetings run over. Clearly communicate which areas, projects, and issues require your input and which ones don’t. This will show that you trust your employees and partners to do their jobs confidently while also minimizing the amount of time being pulled in when your team is perfectly capable of proceeding without you.

Your time is money. Spend it doing what you love.


Implement a Schedule that Works for You

Now that you know what you’re working toward and a few ways to get your time back, create a schedule that will make your goals possible. It might be helpful to write out a realistic schedule of how you spend your week now and remove the tasks that you plan to offload.

This will reveal how much time you have to work with. After that step is done, rearrange your schedule so you can understand how you’ll be able to fit it all in after delegating and outsourcing tasks that are only holding you back. Incorporate personal and work goals to make sure you are achieving the balance that will make your life fulfilling.

A Virtual Assistant Can Guide You

Not sure where to start? A Virtual Assistant can guide you through all the steps it will take to achieve your dream entrepreneurial life and start focusing your energy on the work that you really love to do.

Learn more about how a Virtual Assistant can help manage both your personal and business life.



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