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Why a Virtual Assistant is the Team Member You’ve Been Missing

by | Apr 27, 2022

As a business owner or a nonprofit leader, your team is not complete until you have the time to focus on your goals. If you’re running from meeting to meeting every day and are bogged down by administrative tasks, you’re not able to focus on the big picture goals that will allow you to grow your organization.

Whether you already have a dedicated team or are still running your business solo, the support of a Virtual Assistant will fill in gaps and relieve stress that you didn’t even know was there. VAs are a seamless addition to your team and workflow that will allow you to achieve efficiency and a satisfying work-life balance. There are many, many reasons why adding a VA to your team can improve your workflow and make your life easier. Here are just a few of them.


Your VA is Invested

Virtual Assistants enjoy working with small business owners. They are excited to learn about your business, and they want you to succeed. They understand why you need support and the benefits you will realize from getting it. They work hard to determine the best ways to support you and meet your unique needs. As motivated helpers, they get satisfaction out of easing your workday.


Your VA is Dependable

With a Virtual Assistant, you won’t have to worry if your project is getting done. They are on top of it. They love streamlining processes and will think through your projects from start to finish. If they know a round of revisions will be needed to finalize a proposal or other business document, they will make time for that step. If they know one of your colleagues is notorious for missing meetings, they will take the extra step of confirming each time. They will be the stability you can lean on in an ever-changing marketplace.


Your VA is a Problem Solver

Whether you have a small yet irritating issue or a seemingly insurmountable problem, your Virtual Assistant is ready to find solutions. They are armed with digital tools that can sort out a messy process, strategies for overcoming most challenges, and a community of other VAs to rely on for added expertise and support. From day one, your VA will have ideas on how to reduce your stress and get your business running efficiently.


Your VA is Creative

Your Virtual Assistant knows that solutions need to be tailored to your organization and your style of work. No solution is one-size-fits-all. Your Virtual Assistant will think outside of the box to come up with solutions that work for your unique situation and requirements. They can work through puzzling situations and find clever strategies.


Your VA is Experienced

Most Virtual Assistants have experience working in a variety of industries filling a variety of roles. They’ve seen it all before. And if they haven’t, VAs are happy to learn and are always backed by VaVa’s community of professionals who can provide an added level of support and advice when necessary. They’ve worked with small business owners and leaders just like you experiencing problems just like yours. They can provide recommendations for organizational styles, helpful tools, and even what might be the best use of their time to streamline your day. They are prepared and up for the challenges that your business faces.


Your VA is flexible

Your Virtual Assistant will move and grow with you. As your plans and goals change, they will be right there with you. They are prepared to pivot when necessary and are happy to take on new roles and new challenges. If you need extra support for a special event or special promotion, your VA can accommodate. If you want to move to a new project management system, your VA is ready to lead the charge.

Take Advantage of The Support You Need

After working with a Virtual Assistant for a while, you’ll be wondering how you ever survived without one. They help close the loop in your processes and facilitate your workflows. They clear the chaos so you can do your best work.


Does it sound like a Virtual Assistant would round out your team? Find out how we can help!



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