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How a Copywriter Can Help You Create More Meaningful Content

by | Jul 6, 2022

In today’s market, becoming a leader in your industry often depends on publishing informative and engaging content. Your content drives your digital marketing success. You need to continually interest and delight your audience to keep them coming back and to see your audience base grow. High-quality content helps you do that.

As a business owner, you are an expert in your field. You know your business and industry inside and out. You can talk about it for hours. But how does that translate to content that grows your business? Creating content that achieves goals like lead acquisition, customer retention, and thought leadership is easier with writing experience and marketing expertise. If you’re an entrepreneur who lacks confidence in either of those areas, a copywriter will be the key to taking your content to the next level.


Working With A Copywriter

You know your business better than anyone, so you might be wondering how a copywriter will be able to talk about your brand better than you can! They won’t be able to—at first. They’ll need to get to know your brand, understand your goals, and where your company fits into the marketplace. Then, they’ll use their mastery of language to present your ideas with clarity, precision, and personality.

The process starts with research. Your copywriter will review your existing marketing materials and how your brand has expressed itself in the past. They might also want to do some informational interviewing with you or your team. This will provide the background information needed to write effective content. Keep in mind that it can take a few projects and rounds of edits for your copywriter to be fully fluent in your business. Hiring a copywriter who has prior experience in your industry or businesses similar to yours can make this process easier.

Make sure to agree on a workflow with your copywriter early on. Decide which projects you’d like to start out with and the process for completing them. Will you provide outlines for your copywriter to use? Or just loose ideas? Do you want them to provide you with a list of content topics to choose from? At what stages of a project will you want to review their work? Discussing these aspects ahead of time will ease your collaboration.


Setting Goals For Your Content

You need content for a reason. What is it? You might be trying to generate sales, gather more leads on your website, push your audience further down the marketing funnel, or simply gain thought leadership in your industry. You could be trying to do all of these at once. Your goal for each content piece might even be different. A stated goal will help your copywriter craft content that inspires your audience to take whatever action you’re hoping they will take. Your copywriter can recommend topics and types of content that will help achieve your marketing goals.

One of the best benefits of working with a copywriter is their expertise in the digital marketing space. They know what kind of content and language will work and what won’t. They can take your idea and present it in a way that persuades, delights, or impacts your audience. They know best practices when it comes to content length and structure. Most copywriters are experts in SEO and can incorporate the keywords you’re hoping to rank for. They keep tabs on best practices and marketing trends so you don’t have to.


Capturing Your Voice

An essential part of branding is giving your business a voice that really speaks to your audience base. Think of your brand voice as your brand’s personality or the unique way you interact with the world. It should represent your company values and mesh well with other aspects of your brand. Your voice should be consistent across marketing channels and content while striking a spectrum of tones when necessary. Using this voice in all of your content will make your brand feel more personable and inviting.

A copywriter can help you develop a brand voice that fits with your content goals and how you want to be perceived in the market. If you already use a certain voice, they can adapt their writing style to fit with what you’ve been doing. To further your brand voice, your copywriter can also help you develop slogans for services, product lines, and promotions.


Connecting With Your Audience

The reason that most business owners benefit from a copywriter is simply the high-quality writing skills that they bring to the table. They are able to clearly and concisely package ideas that are easily understood and received by your audience base. They will find the best way to convey your business proposition and differentiators. They can also assist with writing projects beyond marketing content like proposals, press releases, and bios to ensure you’re always coming across as professionally as possible.

Your business writing won’t be successful if it’s not delivered in a way that is easily readable and accessible by your audience, partners, and clients. This is especially important for businesses operating in technical spaces. In this case, your copywriter will work to understand the knowledge level of your audience to communicate in a way that hits the mark between technical enough and not being too basic. They can alter their writing to fit whatever audience a piece is being written for.

Leave Writing to the Experts!

Producing effective content that reaches your marketing goals takes time and writing skills that many business owners just don’t have. You already have so much on your plate! Hand your content over to an expert who can do the most with your ideas while aiming for your marketing goals. When you hire a talented copywriter, you can be sure your content is engaging your audience and helping your brand own a unique place in the market.

VaVa Virtual has a staff of experienced copywriters who would be happy to help you with your next content project. They will collaborate with you to create content pieces that represent your unique business and grab the attention of your target audience, always with your marketing goals in mind.



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