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Boost Your Executive Assistant Skills With Expert Advice From The Assist

by | Nov 23, 2022

Career satisfaction is often linked to self-esteem and happiness in life. If you love your role as an Executive Assistant and feel like you are performing well, you will feel satisfied and fulfilled throughout the workweek. The opposite is also true. If you’re not feeling great about your job or wish your performance would improve, you will likely find your workweek exhausting and overwhelming. Whether you identify with the former scenario or the latter, your skills as an Executive Assistant will always deserve ongoing nurturing.

The continual development of your skills will keep your momentum going or allow you to make breakthroughs to become happier at work. This endeavor is grounded in your personal development as a professional. That means learning new skills, uncovering your own strengths, and developing a satisfying work/life balance.

The Assist helps you achieve all of that with information delivered straight to your inbox each week.


The Impact of Professional Development

Professional development is necessary for any ambitious Executive Assistant. It’s the process of intentionally developing your skills and habits as a professional so you can be a better team player, more indispensable as an employee, and generally happier at work. It comes in many different forms from challenging yourself with new tasks to attending training and adopting a reliable self-care routine. Many employers offer professional development opportunities because they know that stronger and more satisfied individuals make a more effective team.

Thankfully, the day-to-day of an Executive Assistant is wonderfully varied offering frequent opportunities to learn and grow. Keeping a mindset open to learning allows you to continue to develop your on-the-job skills and professional identity. Each growth opportunity will give you the chance to expand your skill set in addition to gaining a reputation as a motivated go-getter. The Assist helps you stay focused and boost this ongoing effort!


How The Assist Can Help

The Assist is a free, four times weekly newsletter that makes becoming a better professional actually enjoyable. Think of them as that one go-to friend — you know, the one you always text for advice about work and other life stuff. Their emails are filled with expert advice and tips to take your professional life to the next level. They offer guidance on everything from stress reduction to managing work relationships. Plus, get the inside scoop on fantastic resources to keep your learning fresh.

The best part about subscribing to The Assist is the consistency. You’ll be reminded weekly about your personal goals as a professional and be given tips on how to reach them. You can also customize the frequency so you can receive emails right when you want them. Over 27,000 other professionals have started using The Assist to take the stress out of professional development. Join them for free here.


Move Your Career Forward

The Assist gives you the confidence to rack up impressive details to add to your resume or portfolio. With each new skill, you open up a world of opportunities for your career path and become a better Executive Assistant. For example, say you learn the skills needed to build a database. The next time you’re looking for a job, you will be qualified for positions that require that specific skill. Don’t be afraid to flaunt your growth as a professional in the process of moving your career forward.

You will also have the opportunity to explore your own strengths and preferences as a professional. You might unlock your ability to complete a task that used to cause you frustration. You might stumble upon a new passion and a whole new direction for your career. You may even find time management or communication methods that truly ease your workday and make you happier at work.


Become a Savvier Professional

The workplace—whether it’s in-person or remote—often entails expectations different from other social spaces.

Especially in the role of Executive Assistant, you need to learn how your company and superiors expect you to behave. Is your office more casual or are you expected to be at the height of professionalism at all times? With The Assist, you can develop this side of your professional identity—which is just as important as developing on-the-job skills.

Learning how to easily interact with people gives you a huge advantage as a professional. Many development opportunities involve learning how to become a better manager, leader, or collaborator. These skills are useful throughout your career from gaining the trust of clients and networking to negotiating big deals.

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