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5 Immediate Benefits of Adding a Virtual Assistant to Your Small Business

by | Apr 12, 2023

Virtual Assistants get working in your business fast! Along with the lower cost, quick onboarding is a major benefit of hiring a Virtual Assistant over a traditional employee. From day one, your VA is determined to make your life easier from helping you get organized to streamlining your business operations. Even if you’re unsure how to best use your VA, they are prepared to work with you to find meaningful ways to impact your business.

As busy entrepreneurs ourselves, we know you need support, and we work to get you the help you need as quickly as possible! Our Virtual Assistants begin working with clients with a kick-off call with the main objective of giving your VA a few tasks that they can immediately handle for you. We’re serious when we say you’ll get help on day one.

While your VA can assist you and your business in a variety of areas, here are five benefits you can expect right away.


1. Offloading of Tasks on Day One

As we mentioned earlier, your relationship with a VaVa Virtual Assistant will start with a kick-off call. Ahead of this meeting, your VA will do research about your business and get a general idea of the type of help you’re looking for. At the meeting, they will get to know you and your business on a deeper level. Through this conversation, your VA will discover the most advantageous place to start their work with you.

Feel free to bring a list of tasks to this meeting, but your VA can also suggest a starting point. Your VA will leave this meeting knowing exactly which tasks to handle immediately to make the biggest impact for you. Often, clients start off needing their email inboxes cleared out, updates to their website, or scheduling upcoming meetings or appointments. Wherever you decide to start, you’ll get relief on day one!


2. Schedule Streamlining

A chaotic day-to-day schedule is one of the aspects of your business that can start to hold you back. Fortunately, your Virtual Assistant can help you get your schedule and calendar under control so you can optimize your valuable time. Consider offloading daily tasks like appointment scheduling, email management, and social media management. Without these tasks bogging down your day, you will be able to focus on the core of your business.

Your Virtual Assistant can also help you prioritize tasks and manage deadlines. If you find it helpful, your VA can prepare a daily agenda, so you will know what to focus on each day. They can also set up your calendar with reminders that keep you up-to-date. With an efficient scheduling and calendaring system, you’ll never accidentally leave a client, vendor, or partner hanging again!


3. Inbox Cleaning and Organization

Many entrepreneurs run their businesses out of their inboxes. You receive business inquiries, make sales, and communicate with your clients. With a flurry of activity every day, you are bound to occasionally miss messages or overlook responses. That’s why it helps to have an effective organizational system within your inbox. Whether or not you already have a system in place, your Virtual Assistant can ensure your inbox stays organized in the long run.

Outside of implementing and running an organizational system, your VA can also help you manage the bulk of emails that come in every day. Your VA can respond to common messages, flag important messages for you, and summarize the communications you receive each day. While they won’t be able to handle every message you receive, they can clear out the noise so you know exactly what to focus on when you open your inbox.


4. Idea Soundingboard

Virtual Assistants have deep small business experience. They’ve worked closely with entrepreneurs just like you and have helped them solve problems, no matter how unique. Likely, you will be paired with a VA who has direct experience in your industry or type of business. This helps them understand how your business runs and prepares them to provide relevant advice when needed.

Think of your Virtual Assistant as a partner in your business. Share your goals, roadblocks, and concerns. Your VA will be excited to help you reach your goals and overcome any obstacles you encounter. They can develop creative solutions and provide innovative ideas that can help you take your business to the next level.


5. Process Implementation

We already mentioned processes associated with email management and scheduling, but systems and processes can help streamline just about any area of your business. Because your Virtual Assistant has experience working with entrepreneurs just like you, they can help identify areas in your business operations that might benefit from a more structured process. They can also suggest systems and tools that will aid your operations and then implement them.

If you already have an idea of how you would like your business to run, but haven’t found the time to actually implement systems or change how you are already doing something, your VA can step in to help with the implementation piece alone. They can also help you take advantage of digital tools like a CRM or project manager. While these tools are extremely helpful, they can often take some time to set up, learn, and implement effectively. Your VA can do this for you and show you how to use them while working through any roadblocks.

Get Help Fast with a Virtual Assistant

By offloading the most time-consuming, tedious tasks, you will be free to focus on what you loved about your business in the first place. Your VA will get to know your business quickly, but once you’ve been working together for a while, you will get into a rhythm that can unlock the work/life balance you’ve been dreaming about.

Like many of our clients, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without a Virtual Assistant. Then, you’ll realize you weren’t really surviving, were you? Now, that you can work on your business rather than in your business, you’re thriving!

Find out more about how a Virtual Assistant can help your business.



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