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Scaling Up: How to Prepare Your Small Business for Steady Growth

by | Jul 5, 2023

An exceptionally exciting part of owning a small business is finding ways to help that business grow. This is the aspect of entrepreneurism that requires the most creativity, grit, and passion. You’ll need to look into the future and find realistic pathways to meet your goals all the while staying flexible and ready to jump on new opportunities.


Growing a small business does come with its fair share of challenges. You might struggle to find the resources to implement your grand strategy. Your business could grow very quickly, and your systems might not be capable of effectively serving that influx of customers. You might even find that your growth trajectory is unpredictable and decoding the best business moves to make is unclear. 


While you might encounter these challenges along this exciting journey, getting your business prepared for growth will help you scale steadily.

Develop a Growth Strategy

When planning for the growth of your business, the first thing you should consider is what growth will look like for you. Does it mean an expansion of product lines? Does it mean moving into adjacent industries? Or do you really just want to keep doing what you’re doing but for a much larger customer base? Consider how these different avenues will impact your role as a business owner and lifestyle as an entrepreneur.


Once you have a clear vision for the future of your business, evaluate your readiness for growth. Define your long-term and short-term goals including revenue targets, market share goals, and objectives for product and service development. Start to determine what interal changes would need to be made to grow effectively.


After brainstorming, develop a specific growth strategy. It might include tactics like a pumped-up marketing and sales plan or strategic partnerships. You might put your full focus on nurturing customer relationships and building referrals. You might diversify revenue streams including choosing niche markets and new products or services. Whatever strategies you choose, write out SMART goals and project a potential timeline for different stages of growth.

Prepare Business Infrastructure

When your business begins to scale up, you will likely experience growing pains as your business adapts to new expectations. You can prepare for these issues by setting up your infrastructure for growth. One of the first steps would be to streamline your operations and processes including the automation of repetitive tasks. The more efficient your operations, the more capacity your business will be able to handle.


Make sure your organizational structure is scalable or rearranged if necessary. Understand where you might need to add personnel. For example, you may need to add more customer service agents as your customer base expands. Clarify roles and responsibilities within the team, and establish clear communication channels and reporting structures.


You can also prepare by enhancing your digital systems and software to ensure they will be able to cope with a larger burden as your business grows. Consider upgrading hardware and software if needed. 

Secure Adequate Resources

Implementing your growth strategies might require an influx of capital or other resources. Estimating the capital requirements for your growth initiatives early will give you time to secure funds or partnerships to help move these strategies forward. Create a budget to determine exactly how you will use funds once you receive them. Then, seek out investors or explore loans. 


Outside of funding, the other major resource that you will need while scaling up is an effective team. Your team will need to be ready and comfortable to adapt to the many changes ahead. You should involve your team in your growth strategy so they are clear on their participation and how their role might change. Identify any skill gaps that your team has and make a plan to address those shortcomings. Develop a plan for recruiting and training new talent to support growth.

Adopt a Growth Mindset

As a leader, your attitude toward your business can have a major impact on your business’s ability to grow. Small business owners with a growth mindset are more likely to view setbacks as temporary and learn from them, leading to greater resilience and perseverance. They approach obstacles with determination, embracing them as opportunities for growth and improvement. 


By embracing a growth mindset, you cultivate a belief in your ability to develop and improve your skills, adapt to change, and overcome challenges. This perspective encourages continuous learning, innovation, and a willingness to take calculated risks. Fostering a growth mindset within yourself and your team will create an environment that is primed for future growth.


Measure Success and Scale Sustainably

Steady growth comes down to the continual analysis of your progress. Use an iterative approach to your growth tactics. Once you implement a specific strategy, analyze its effectiveness by tracking metrics like revenue growth, customer acquisition, or market share. Base your analysis on your SMART goals which should outline how success is measured.


Adjust your growth strategies based on results. Even if your analysis points in a different direction than your initial plan, data should guide your path forward as you continue to grow. You can also adapt your strategies based on new market research or other factors. Be open to changing your strategies, but ensure your decision-making is data-driven. This will give you the best results as you push your business forward.

Get Help As You Grow

If growth is your goal, you’re going to need support to get you there. As we already mentioned, that will likely come in the form of an expanded team to handle your operations. Sometimes, it might also mean administrative support to ease your day-to-day. With the help of a Virtual Assistant, you can focus on your growth goals while tasks like email and schedule management are handled.


Our Virtual Assistants are experienced in working with growing small businesses and are familiar with all the growing pains that go with that process. They can pinpoint the best ways to help you on a daily basis and can even provide suggestions about how to streamline your processes. They can help your team collaborate and provide great service to your clients and customers as you grow.


Find out how a Virtual Assistant can help your business grow by scheduling a free consultation.



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An exceptionally exciting part of owning a small business is finding ways to help that business grow. This is the aspect of entrepreneurism that requires the most creativity, grit, and passion....

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