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Progress Check-In: Time To Get Your 2023 Goals Back On Track

by | Aug 9, 2023

The year has flown by! With only a few months to go, it’s time to check in on the progress you’ve made on your 2023 goals. If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you might have some catching up to do. Business moves fast with new opportunities and challenges popping up all the time that might take you away from the goals that you set at the beginning of the year.


Checking in on your yearly goals around this time can help you realign with your business priorities. They may have even changed throughout the course of the year which would make your initial goals less relevant than they were. By reexamining your objectives now, you can set yourself up for a stellar end to 2023. 

Reflecting on Your 2023 Goals

First, let’s celebrate the progress you have made this year whether or not it’s what you set out to do in the first place. You put in the hours. You sacrificed. You’ve worked hard to push your business forward. Acknowledging your progress can be difficult if you haven’t gotten as far as you would’ve liked this year, but remember to offer yourself compassion. Instead of comparing your business to what you thought you might have accomplished by this time, compare yourself to where you started. 


With the energy gained from celebrating your successes, start to review your goals. Identify areas where progress has been slow. Try to find what barriers may have gotten in the way. You may have encountered challenges or your goals may have simply shifted. Think through the specific obstacles. Finding the root of slow progress will help you move forward in the future.

Realigning and Refocusing

Consider whether the goals you set at the beginning of the year are still relevant to your business. Has anything major changed that has reoriented your priorities? The context and circumstances of your business are different now, so your goals probably need to be updated. Reflect on what would be the most beneficial to your business at this point. Perhaps one goal will take priority, your KPI goals like your revenue target may change, or you may decide to go in a completely different direction.


Considering the timeline available for the remainder of the year, set realistic expectations for your goals moving forward. Define your main goal or goals and then break them down into smaller, manageable tasks. Identify actionable steps to jumpstart your progress and add these to your calendar. During this process, always assess the practicality of the goals that you’re setting. You can always write up a wishlist for 2024 if there are some things you realize that you won’t get to before the year is over.

Overcoming Obstacles and Challenges

With your updated goals in hand, start to identify what obstacles you may encounter throughout the rest of the year. How might the holidays or vacations impact your ability to accomplish your goals? Develop strategies to overcome each of these obstacles. Outlining a contingency plan now will prepare you for these challenges when they arise. Instead of needing to take the time to reassess, you will already have a plan in place and will be able to keep moving forward.


Remember to stay flexible. No matter how much planning you do, things can always change, especially in the world of business. A new competitor may pop up or a major change to your industry could occur. If you maintain an adaptable perspective, you’ll be more resilient when major changes occur. Try to cultivate a positive mindset. This will help you maintain motivation no matter the circumstances.

Seeking Inspiration and Support

Remember that you’re not in this alone! Even solopreneurs can enlist the help of their network, consult their mentors, and outsource work. If you do have a team, they should be a major component of your business goals. Ensure they are aware of your business priorities as they evolve and understand their role in accomplishing these goals.


Be realistic about when extra support is necessary, and don’t be afraid to delegate tasks. A Virtual Assistant can give you an extra set of hands by helping with a variety of tasks like bookkeeping, website management, and customer service. Also, consider support outside of the actionable tasks that your team can perform. Talk through your challenges with mentors, your network, and experts in your field. Getting an outside perspective might be just what you need to take the next step forward.

Staying Committed

Revamping your goals for the remainder of the year won’t do much unless you’re committed to achieving them. Take a moment now to make an agreement with yourself that you will put your best effort into accomplishing your goals. While you can’t control the outside obstacles that will get in your way, maintaining your motivation and commitment is within your power. If you need help in this area, consider joining a supportive business community or accountability group.


For the rest of the year, regularly track your progress. You might set aside time to review your progress or evaluate metrics at regular intervals. You might find that you need to continually adjust your plans. Don’t let changes impact your motivation. As long as you’re aware of your progress and priorities, you are on the right track. And always remember to celebrate the small milestones. 

You Can Do It!

You’re already doing one of the most difficult jobs in the business world—running a small business. That means you’re capable of achieving whatever you set your mind to. Reevaluating your yearly goals is the first step to improving and moving forward. Best of luck for the remainder of the year!


Remember that making your goals happen might require some extra assistance. With the help of a Virtual Assistant, you can focus on your goals while day-to-day operational tasks like email and schedule management are handled. Plus, your Virtual Assistant will get working fast meaning that you can get the help you need to finish off the year strong right now. 


Schedule a free consultation to see how a Virtual Assistant can help you reach your 2023 goals.



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