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How to Improve Your Weekly Momentum and Avoid Work Burnout

by | Nov 8, 2023

As the end of the year approaches with the holidays right around the corner, we are overcome with utter happiness because we can finally catch our breath after a long year. Doesn’t it feel nice to get a break?

This period of downtime is necessary because it helps boost your momentum to finish out the rest of the year and prepare for booming business in the new year! This holiday season, we’re giving you some proven ways to rev up the energy you need to grow your business, all the while avoiding the dreaded work burnout. Trust us, you’ll need them!

Take a Solo Break

When was the last time you spent some time by yourself? Spending time alone allows you to reboot your brain and unwind without the noise of other people. Focus on writing the blog post you’ve been meaning to finish, plan your holiday shopping budget, and simply enjoy reconnecting with yourself.

According to Psychology Today, “Solitude helps to improve concentration and increase productivity. When you remove as many distractions and interruptions as you can from your day, you are better able to concentrate, which will help you get more work done in a shorter amount of time.” Make sure to add this necessary alone time to your calendar so you don’t miss these great benefits.

Purposefully Craft Your Business Circle

The people you surround yourself with have a huge impact on your daily life—which is why you should strategically position yourself amongst a circle of movers and shakers just like you. They each play a vital role and should be well-equipped to provide the help you need to get out of whatever rut you may be in at any given time.

Your circle keeps you in check, acts as the sounding board to bounce off ideas (good or bad), shares experiential-based advice on where you’re being challenged, and provides the support you need to keep pushing. Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to support an entrepreneur.

Read an Inspirational Book

For whatever area of business you need a boost in, there is a book designed to help you get through it. Bell Hooks once said, “Life-transforming ideas have always come to me through books.” Imagine if we all took more time to read and engross ourselves in literature – we would all come out with better ideas, improved solutions, and unforgettable memories to share with others. 

The encouragement you need may be in a book, so go to your local bookstore or library and grab one for what YOU need. And if you don’t have time to read a book, check out these inspirational quotes.

Disconnect from Social Media

Taking a break from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat is one of the hardest things to do in the socially driven world we live in, but sometimes you just have to step away and get some happiness and enjoyment from things not connected to Wi-Fi or an outlet.

To disconnect electronically and reconnect naturally, go on a hike or take a walk through the neighborhood. In those moments, you find yourself not worrying about what everyone else is doing on social media; instead, you are focused on the sounds, sights, and ambiance of the great outdoors. Some of the best ideas are thought of while entrenched in nature, so it’s about time you took advantage of what is available at no charge – and doesn’t require an app!

Learn to Say “NO”

Many times we lose momentum because we’re constantly saying yes to the things that drain too much of our energy. We’re saying yes in fear that we will disappoint others or because we want to show people that we are “busy,” when we’re actually on the verge of burning out. Your effort and work are limited when you’re wasting your time doing things that provide zero value. After all, when you’re burned out, who has to deal with it? YOU! 

When you are requested to speak at an event during an already jam-packed month or thinking of taking on a new client (when you already know there’s no possible way that’s a smart idea!), take some time to think it through. Ask yourself, “Is this worth my time and energy? Will this take more away from me than it will give to me? Am I successfully managing my current responsibilities?” Those thoughts should help you make a sound decision and give you a plausible reason in case you need to explain your decision.

Work-Life Balance With a Virtual Assistant

High energy and tenacity are essential to the lives of the successful – that is why it is important to take care of yourself first. You don’t want to find yourself burned out at a time when your business, colleagues, and employees need you most. Surround yourself with people and things that inspire you, and eliminate energy drainers. 

With the support of a Virtual Assistant, you can spend more time on the activities that fire you up rather than the ones that slow you down. To find out how a Virtual Assistant can help you find that work-life balance you’ve always wanted, schedule a free consultation today!



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