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Fractional Support Can Maximize Your Team’s Efficiency By Filling in Gaps

by | Jan 12, 2024

A blog by Lauren Gall, Co-Founder, VaVa Virtual Assistants. 

You can leverage unique skills among your team members and effectively share workloads by leveraging fractional support. In fact, in our busy-loving modern society, too many of us have had the experience of eating lunch at our desks or working straight through without any food at all. And, this is all in the name of tackling our dreaded inboxes and the items on our ever-evolving to-do lists. Science has shown that unfortunately, powering through without a pause can do more harm than good. 

You’d be shocked at how draining it can be doing work that doesn’t fuel you. And, running low on mental fuel can be dangerous in some jobs, but also just detrimental to work. So, with fractional support or ‘gap fillers’ to get your daily, weekly and monthly tasks done, you’re actually allowing each person to contribute their strengths and achieve common goals of the company. This approach promotes collaboration, maximizes efficiency, and ensures that the team functions cohesively while utilizing individual expertise. 

Now to the meat and potatoes, what are some of the tasks that you can fractionally distribute. Well, take a look below and let us know if you have any questions! Keep in mind, this is not an exhaustive list – just ideas to get your brain thinking. 

Daily Tasks:

  • Email Management: Sorting through emails, responding to routine inquiries, creating canned responses, following up with leads, confirming appointments on your calendar and prioritizing important messages can consume a significant portion of a day.
  • Expense management: Who wants to keep track of this? Send your receipts to your email and have someone manage the input into Quickbooks or whichever financial database you use for your business. 
  • Customer Support: This can be done in the form of email, phone, text, etc. The idea is to ensure that inquiries and issues are handled efficiently.
  • Meeting Coordination: Scheduling, organizing, and preparing for meetings can be time-consuming, especially when dealing with different time zones or multiple people. 
  • Data Entry and Updates: Inputting new data into your CRM, project management system, or any other system you use + pdating records, or maintaining databases regularly.
  • Social Media Monitoring: Do you want to increase your following or you have a large following already? Engaging with followers, responding to comments, and keeping an eye on social media activity takes time but is crucial for maintaining an online presence and keeping up with your customer base.
  • Research: Gathering information for anything you need more information on, compiling reports and data, or conducting quick research for projects/upcoming trips/etc. 

Weekly Tasks:

  • Travel booking: Agenda creation for you upcoming trip, hotel and flight booking, adding everything to calendar, car rental/parking, any details that are required for a trip. 
  • Report Generation: Compiling weekly reports, sales reports, or performance metrics, analyzing data, and creating summaries for team review or management.
  • Online Inventory Management: Checking and updating inventory levels, especially for businesses dealing with physical products + communication with vendors when needed to keep up to date. 
  • Meetings Notes + Hosting Meetings: Taking meeting notes as well as host regular check-ins to discuss progress, address concerns, and align on goals for the upcoming week.

Monthly Tasks:

  • Finance Assistance: Reviewing and analyzing monthly financial statements, reconciling accounts, and preparing reports. 
  • Content Creation: Planning, writing, and editing blog posts + optimizing for SEO keywords, social media content, newsletters, or other marketing materials.
    • Developing content calendars, outlining topics, and planning campaigns for the upcoming month(s).
  • Strategic Planning: Setting goals, evaluating performance, and planning strategies for the upcoming month or quarter.
  • Data Analysis: Analyzing monthly performance metrics, market trends, competitor analysis, or customer feedback.

These tasks often demand significant time and attention (with good reason as they are all important to effectively running and operating a business). Having a virtual assistant or dedicated support person to handle these duties can alleviate the burden on small work teams, allowing them to focus on core responsibilities and overall productivity. The key is to identify the tasks that consume a considerable amount of time and can be repeated so that efficient delegation can happen.  

At VaVa Virtual, we pair entrepreneurs with the perfect VA with skills to match your needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help you grow your business.



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Fractional Support Can Maximize Your Team’s Efficiency By Filling in Gaps

A blog by Lauren Gall, Co-Founder, VaVa Virtual Assistants.  You can leverage unique skills among your team members and effectively share workloads by leveraging fractional support. In fact, in our...

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