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Four Reasons Why a Virtual Assistant Is a Must

by | Jun 10, 2024

Having a virtual assistant in your business sounds nice, but it’s not always a priority. In today’s modern age, where everyone shares their best selves on social media, small business owners are often left feeling they can—and should—be able to do it all themselves. 

Extra help shouldn’t be seen as a luxury, though. You’re only hurting yourself with a “can-do” attitude. The time and investment it takes to get someone up to speed can be a deterrent for hiring someone to help with day-to-day tasks, but the payoff can be huge.  

Here are four impactful ways having a virtual assistant cannot only keep your business afloat but help it flourish and grow:

Emergency Situations

We never know when an emergency may arise. It could be an emergency within the business or a personal matter, but eventually, every business has to weather a storm or two. When you have others established in your business, they know the ins and outs and are prepared to help. Whether you need a sounding board for a business matter or someone to keep the business running while you’re out, it’s difficult to train a new person when you’re already in the midst of an emergency. Be proactive and prepared so your business can survive—and perhaps even thrive—during the unexpected. 

Added Expertise

Let’s face it, even though we want to be able to do everything with a high skill level in our company, it’s just not realistic. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and having others in your company to serve where they excel levels up your business offerings. Whether it’s better internal systems and processes or being better able to serve clients, more minds coming together improves the quality of company output

Growth Opportunity

A one-person company has a capacity cap. There is only so much time in each day you can dedicate to getting work done. When that time cap is maxed out, so is your business production and the business can no longer grow. When additional team members are brought in, the business can multiply its growth

Life Balance

Burnout is a very real thing. Not only for the business owner, but also for close loved ones by extension. When the business owner is the sole person running their business, it takes the majority of their mental, emotional, and sometimes physical capacity, leaving little left for the other important aspects of life. Business doesn’t have to stop when you take a vacation or spend an afternoon at a baseball game. Having a team can bring relief by allowing you to disconnect more. This can create more stamina for the business owner, more support from loved ones, and more longevity for the business overall.  

It takes a strong person to become a business owner, but that doesn’t mean your entire life needs to be all business all the time. In fact, it’s best for the business and the owner if it’s not. Sometimes the return on investment (ROI) isn’t seen as dollar for dollar but in the business owner’s life and well-being. Business owners shouldn’t go it alone, and having even a small or fractional team that knows and supports the back end of a business can go a very long way in preserving it and helping it excel. 

Curious how you can prepare for the unexpected by growing your team? Our free resource, How to Optimize Virtual Assistant Services, will help you decide what you can outsource, how much time you can save, and what value you can add to your business with new-found time. Ready to get started? Set up a free planning session, and we’ll help you make a personalized map that fits your business needs. 


VaVa Virtual Assistants - About Us - Lauren

Melanie Ammerman is a Wisconsin native (sometimes the accent comes out) but she has also lived in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Southern Florida before settling in Atlanta.

Melanie has a BA and MA in Clinical Psychology but really found her calling as the Co-Founder of VaVa Virtual Assistants where she loves helping businesses grow and thrive.

In her free time, she loves spending time with her dog, Kishi, and her cat, Track. You can also find her traveling and enjoying outdoor activities. Her love for her fur babies extends to her life as an animal advocate on the board for Beople’s Buddies Animal Rescue.



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