VaVa Virtual Assistants is a multi-VA firm, specializing in Executive Assistance, Marketing and Creative support for businesses.

VaVa was established in 2011 by native Midwesterners Lauren Gall and Melanie Ammerman. They founded VaVa to fulfill the backend support that business owners needed, but either they

1) didn’t have the money to pay for someone in-house

2) didn’t have enough hours to give someone full-time work.

They both (as well as their specialized team members) have a passion for helping business owners achieve the work-life balance they desire by taking care of the daily back-end tasks that take business owners away from building their own businesses.

Meet the Leadership Team

Lauren Gall


Melanie Ammerman


Alyssa Schneider

Growth Strategy Director

Melissa Reaves

Finance Assistant

Paige Risley

Internal Recruiter & Culture Ambassador

Beth Moffatt

Account Success Manager

Susanne Carlson

Account Success Manager