If you’re checking out our website, chances are, you have said the words, “I wish there were two of me!” at least once.  In fact, it probably happened quite recently.  Well, since they haven’t quite mastered human cloning, we are the next best thing.

With over 15 years of experience in business services, specializing in a wide variety of administrative duties, we are equipped to handle many of your day-to-day tasks. Yes, that’s right. We take them over so you don’t have to do them anymore.  Our network of knowledgeable, highly skilled U.S.-based professionals allows us to take on a wide variety of tasks you require.

  • Dread having to constantly come up with content and post on your social media sites? Make us do it.
  • Wish you had someone to take that monthly newsletter off your hands? Done.
  • Don’t have the skills or interest in graphic design or website creation/updates?  Hand it over.
  • Tired of having to constantly reorganize your schedule and manage appointments? Have your very own virtual executive assistant take care of it.

Let’s face it, there isn’t enough time in the day for you to do it all. And there’s nothing wrong with getting a little help. Quit wishing you had the help and get yourself the help you need. Let us make your job and life easier.

Co-founding partners, Lauren Gall & Melanie Ammerman


VaVa is a critical asset to the NTEN team’s ability to stay effective and efficient. They make managing the huge number of calls and meetings with our partners and community members simple, and even help manage our constant travel. We are so glad to have the VaVa team working with us!

Amy Sample Ward

Portland, OR

How shall I put this?  “You totally rock” does not seem to capture it.
We are not in touch often, you and I, but that does not mean I am unaware of the excellent work you have done on behalf of Recovery 2.0. In our time together you have gotten so good at this. It’s better and better every time.  Our success in reaching people and keeping them “on the path” is due in part to your excellent behind the scenes work. You are holding it down and I am so grateful for you. Thank you so much for all your hard work and excellence in helping to realize the mission of Recovery 2.0. You have made A huge difference in my life and countless others whom we will likely never know.

Tommy Rosen

Los Angeles, CA

I recommend and love VaVa Virtual Assistants!

Are you trying to grow your business to the next level, but don’t know how? Do you need to clone yourself? Do you find you don’t have enough time in the day?  Do you have more to-do’s than you can get done? Well, I have a great solution for you – check out VaVa Virtual Assistants. This team is tech-savvy, friendly, professional, trustworthy, responsible, and will help you Get It Done! VaVa Virtual is an affordable way to help you take your business to the next level. You think you can’t afford a full-time employee but you CAN NOT afford not to check out how VaVa Virtual can save you time, money, and grow your biz! Pick up the phone today. Make your life easier and grow your business today.

I speak from the heart. I work with VaVa and manage a Midwest region, team, partners, and customers so I need help on social media marketing, email marketing, telemarketing, controlling my inbox, scheduling appointments & travel, help with customer support, telemarketing, expenses and more. One person from their team handles my needs, helps me remain organized, mentally fresh, and less stressed! VaVa Virtual Assistants truly Dare to Care about my business, my customers and me. That is priceless!

Paige Cahill

Central Midwest

Thanks so much VaVa for help with my business marketing plans. You are the best and very reasonable in price. You get a lot for your money with these ladies. Kudos to you for great service and your hard work. I will be recommending your services to every business that I come in contact with.

Mrs. Dana Nettles, Pharm.D.

Mobile, AL

I am thrilled with the quality of work and the expertise VaVa Virtual Assistants brings to the table. Not only do they do an exceptional job on my newsletters, social media, blogs, etc., but they always do it so promptly and professionally. I can count on them to always go over and above for me and my clients and am thrilled to have them. Also, they are so gifted when it comes to their design work. For example when they create Facebook timelines, update my Twitter profiles, etc., the results are exactly what I envision, only better. They are absolutely a joy to work with and always make me feel like I’m the only client. It’s nice to be able to have someone you can depend on. Simply the best!

Diana Ennen

Fort Lauderdale, FL

I hired VaVa Virtual Assistants to create a website for my company and they provided fantastic service. I had a general idea of what I wanted and she took that idea and created something much better than I had envisioned. They provided updates, asked for feedback and delivered in a very timely manner. I look forward to working with them on future projects.

Mark Bergman

Columbus, OH

I would recommend that any solo entrepreneur or freelance consultant utilize VaVa Virtual Assistants for their research, editing, and operations capabilities. I had a very specific need for market research and the executive team was able to quickly structure a scope of work that would fall within in my financial and time constraints. VaVa was very receptive and flexible to my ever-changing work needs. I wouldn’t be able to create impactful marketing and sales materials if it weren’t for the support of VaVa.

Earnest Sweat

Atlanta, GA

I’ve been working with the Team at VaVa for 9 months and they have helped me get the most out of my days by taking care of the things I never seem to be able to get to. It takes them :15 minutes to do the things that take me an hour to complete. They do my travel, calendar scheduling, expense reports and gifting for clients.

Andy Levine

Atlanta, GA

Lauren and VaVa Virtual did amazing work for our insurance agency, Thomas and Grushon. We gave her a list of what we hoped to see in our website and she had the vision to make it a reality. She and her team were easy to reach, and produced a high-quality product in a timely manner. We will use them again for other projects and will definitely recommend their team to our business associates.

Gwen Price

Bellbrook, OH

Working with Vava has been amazing! They are knowledgeable, effective, and efficient and I know my business affairs are in great hands. They have completely captured my dream company voice and are continuously helping me grow my company in ways I hadn’t thought of. I look forward to continue working with them!

Kiara Green

Atlanta, GA