What We’ve Gained From Working Remotely

The pandemic has forced an explosion of growth in virtual technology and applications. Innovations have been made in the last year to meet the rise in urgent demand, and virtual working / meeting...

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The Importance Of Honoring Your Truth

Honoring you truth in life and in business can make all the difference. VaVa was founded nearly ten years ago by two young women who simply followed their intuition, before the virtual workspace or...

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What It Takes To Be A Virtual Assistant

If you're wondering what it takes to be a virtual assistant, we've got you covered! Virtual businesses are popping up rapidly in a myriad of industries. Many people look at virtual assistants as...

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What Gratitude Can Do For Your Business

Expressing gratitude helps your business thrive. According to an employee survey on Glassdoor, over 50% of employees said they’d stay at a company longer if they felt more appreciated. When people...

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